Junk Food Addict Begs For Donations To Remove Excess Skin After Transformation

Losing weight is not an easy process. For some people, losing weight is only the beginning of a lifetime journey. Twenty-eight-year-old Jessica Wallace-Whitefield from Freeport in The Bahamas, used to weigh 297lbs and wore between a size 24 and a size 28. Nowadays, she weighs 177lbs after she lost weight inspired by the death of her aunt, who died of heart disease. Jessica, who used to be a junk-food addict, now begs for donations to have a  $6,000 surgery to remove the excess skin from her body. Here is her story.


Administrative assistant Jessica used to weigh 297 pounds when she embarked on her weight loss journey.


She decided to change her habits completely after her aunt died from a heart disease.


“What finally pushed me to lose weight was losing my aunt to heart disease,” she revealed for the media. “It was very sudden and unexpected, to the rest of us, she seemed quite healthy.”


“A few years before that, we lost two uncles in the same way. I realized that even those who seemed healthy were at risk and I was approaching three-hundred-pounds at five-foot-two; I had to do something.”


Before her weight loss, Jessica used to eat plenty of junk food.


Jessica admitted that she comes from a family that loves food.

“I just like bad food. The first time I lived on my own was when my weight got out of control,” Jessica said of her lifestyle before losing weight.

“I was able to eat whatever I wanted without anyone voicing their opinion. So, I ate fast food for basically every meal.”


In February 2014, however, she focused on eating healthy food only.


She added vigorous exercise sessions of cardio and weightlifting to her workout routine.


“I cut out carbohydrates and sugar completely, drank loads of water and did very light exercise; every day. It started with walking every day after work, swimming when I could, and I eventually walked into a gym and began using some of the machinery. It took me a while to muster up the courage to approach the free weights, but eventually, I started lifting.”


She has lost 120lbs since 2014.


Nowadays, she weighs 177 pounds.


In August 2016, she underwent an arm lift, but was left with a lot of excess skin on her stomach and thighs. These reminded her of how far she has gone with the transformation.


“The brachioplasty was nothing short of life-changing and even though the remaining skin is something I’m self-conscious of, I’ve made every attempt to embrace it,” she wrote on her GoFundMe page.


“As much as I want it gone it does also serve as a reminder of how far I’ve come, and for that I’m thankful. When it’s removed, the scars will serve as this reminder.”


She gained more confidence that improved her life. “I was always quite a shy person, so I didn’t expect to change much after losing weight, but looking back I was definitely a lot more self-conscious than I am now. It was always at the back of my mind, whether it was clothing related, hiding my body, or worrying about fitting into certain seats; it was a constant thing that I had to consider. I feel much more free and confident now.”


Interestingly, Jessica reveals how simple things are much easier nowadays for her. These include sitting down and shopping.

However, Jessica’s remaining loose skin causes her discomfort, and she hopes to get enough money to remove it by surgery. She is still committed to leading a healthy life.

“I make sure to eat as healthy as possible day to day so that if a treat opportunity arises, I can enjoy it without feeling guilty,” she added.

“Most importantly though, you know your body better than anyone else on this planet and people will have many opinions on it; take all of those opinions with a grain of salt and do what you feel is best.”

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