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Discolored Teeth: Which Foods Are Staining Our Teeth

Discolored Teeth: Which Foods Are Staining Our Teeth

It has happened to all of us to be envious of someone’s bright smile. And let us be honest, straight, white teeth are something we all strive for. We all want beautiful smiles. Right? Right. Well, the thing is that plenty of products that are part of our daily diet are causing stains on our teeth. Coffee, tea, wine, sodas… These are just some of the elements that contribute to yellow and/or stained teeth. So, I guess the saying that the things we love most end up hurting us most is true after all. So, which are the foods and beverages that are detrimental to our beautiful smiles? Keep reading to find out.

Citrus Fruits

The thing is that, although these fruits have an abundance of properties, they can be the reason behind our stained and/or yellow teeth. Why? Well, because they also have abrasive properties which can erode your tooth’s enamel. When that happens then the tooth’s dentin is exposed. The dentin has a yellow color.




I am so sorry, but it seems that our favorite remedy for staying up all night when needed seems to have a downside. Apparently, it contains tannins which is acidic and can cause either staining or teeth discoloring. But, worry not as there is something you can do. Simply drink your coffee with a staw! That way, it won’t come in contact with your teeth at all.




Well, this can’t come as a surprise, really. It is known that sweets harm your teeth. So, when you eat sweets, you know how they tend to stick to your teeth, right? Right. Well, then due to the sweetness, a lot of bacteria will gather around. This bacteria then release an acid which causes your teeth to decay. But if you have a really sweet tooth, then you can try brushing your teeth and flossing right after you eat them.




Ah, our favorite beverage. Unfortunately, just like sweets, soda can become the main ‘meal’ on which bacteria can feast. See, the thing is that anything that is carbonated is also acidic. Hence why soda will rot your teeth and create holes in them. Just like with the coffee, you can also drink your soda with a straw.




Tannins is also a tea ingredient. Which means that tea, no matter how much we love it and how useful it is, it will cause stains on your teeth if you’re not careful. Of course, probably none of us would quit drinking tea. Especially not during the cold winter. What you can do is add a little milk to your tea. In this way, it won’t be strong enough to cause stains.




It’s not just with pomegranates. Blueberries and blackberries also belong here. They are highly pigmented. I mean, have you ever tried to get rid of a stain from a pomegranate, blueberry and/or blackberry? Well, if yes then you are fully aware of how difficult it is. Just like other stains, the stains on your teeth caused by these fruits will be difficult to remove.

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Red Wine

Who of us doesn’t treat themselves with a glass or two of red wine after a long, exhausting day? Well, I for sure do. See, I have some bad news for you. Just like tea and coffee, red wine also contains tannins. This means that red wine can also be a cause of stained teeth. You can’t really drink red wine with straw so the best thing to do is brush your teeth right after being done with wine.

which foods are staining our teeth


Brushing teeth regularly can help maintain their natural color as well as keep the bad bacteria out of your mouth. Bacteria can give you a foul breath and that is something you can avoid by practicing good oral hygiene every single day. We should make sure to consume these products in moderation so that we won’t cause damage to our teeth and overall dental hygiene.


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