Former Vicar, 80, And His 25-Year-Old Husband Are Back Together In “Open Relationship”

After having broken up only a few months into their marriage, former vicar Philip Clements, 80, and aspiring model Florin Marin, 25, have recently gotten back together. But it’s with a difference in the relationship dynamic: this time around it’s an “open relationship.”

The two men met on a gay dating app and quickly fell in love, got married in April 2017, and Clements even sold his home in Kent and moved to a $127,000 apartment to join Marin in Bucharest. However, they started having problems soon after, due to Marin’s lifestyle, which saw him clubbing well into the late hours of the night. Only a few months after moving to Bucharest, the former reverend returned to his home in the UK.

But now, according to The Sun, the pair have gotten back together, and even though they are countries apart, they are trying to make it work, talking through chatting apps every day.

former vicar back together with 25 year old husband

Clements told the publishing that he suffered a “depressive breakdown” from missing him when they were separated. “It was like losing an arm or a leg. I knew for certain that I needed him,” he said. “You can’t explain these things scientifically.”

So, because he still had feelings for the other man, after Florin contacted him again, Clements explained that he replied, saying that “it was as if he did regret what has happened.”

“I believe in giving someone a second chance,” he added. “There’s still something that binds us. We’re not enemies. He’s not doing it for money because I haven’t got much money left.”

former vicar back together with 25 year old husband

Florin, who works in Spain now, said that Clements needed to learn a bit about love as well as learn more about the Romanian man’s culture, saying that things are better now than they used to be.

“Philip had to change from the beginning to understand more my culture, from where I come from, how I am… all this stuff,” he said. “Sometimes he doesn’t understand the culture – he’s English, I’m Romanian, I have my manners, he has his manners. We don’t think the same.”

former vicar back together with 25 year old husband

Despite their occasional small arguments, Florin says he loves the other man “to bits”, adding: “if we were permanently separated, I would be the most unhappy person in the world.”

He also says he knows the day might come when he will have to care for his husband, but he is prepared for it.

Clements, who is a former parish priest, had been celibate for over six decades. He explains how he had to repress his sexuality due to the church’s position on homosexuality, but feels he is now finally allowed to be himself.


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Source: Dailymail