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Parenting Differences Between French and American Culture

Parenting Differences Between French and American Culture


French and American parents act quite differently when it comes to parenting. What is important for French is not equally important for Americans. The way they handle the same situations differ from one another. How and what, you’re just about to learn. Keep scrolling so you know what is best to do when it comes to implementing these advices to your parenting skills.

From eating to wearing clothes to putting on wedding, French and American lifestyle is not the same and it functions quite differently. Especially when it gets to taking care of their children. Distinctive differences in technique between parents in France and their American counterparts can be noticed. One of the first is that French parents create strong boundaries for their kids.

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Author Pamela Druckerman, in her book  “Bringing Up Bebe,”  wrote that French parents establish clear expectations of what is expected and what is unacceptable behavior from their kids at an early age. This creates an authoritative parenting style and leaves little question as to who is in charge of the family.


 french american parenting differences

“Please” and “Thank you” are the two “magic words” kids generally learn in the US.

According to ” Bringing Up Bebe ,” French children learn four — “s’il vous plaît” (please), “merci” (thank you), “bonjour” (hello), and “au revoir” (goodbye). Although it is polite to say greet people in the US, in France, it is essential.


 french american parenting differences
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The concept of a “children’s menu” or “kid’s meal” aren’t as common in France but you know how common it is in America. According to the book ” French Kids Eat Everything ,” there is a very little difference between what is on a parent or child’s plate.


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The difference can be seen in the way they manage to spend their weekends. While American children get to have their parents present when they are being part of an activity such as soccer practice, violin lessons, and tutoring sessions; French children, on the other hand, follow their parents’ schedules and are given responsibility at an early age since their parents do what they have to do.



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Impressed by how much time American parents give to their children, a French mother in an interview for Today, stated:


 “Mothers [in the United States] are generally more talkative, and patient, and explain much more about everything to their young children.”

Even though French children are praised more for having a life of their own outside of their kids, American parents seem to work harder at building up a strong sense of self-confidence in their kids. french american parenting differences
They aren’t just “mom and dad.” Unsplash/Sweet Ice Cream Photography


Maintaining an identity that doesn’t actually belong totally to their children is what happens in France. Pamela Druckerman, the author of “Bringing Up Bebe,” in an interview with NPR said:

“What French women would tell me over and over is, it’s very important that no part of your life — not being a mom, not being a worker, not being a wife — overwhelms the other part.”

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