French Designer Creates Unique Dresses From Old Books And Other Unexpected Materials

It’s interesting to take a look back in history and see how fashion evolved during different periods of time. At first, people used animal skin, leaves of trees to cover their bodies. Then natural fibres were put into use. But still, the primary function of fashion was for people to protect their bodies from weather conditions. Then, as time passed by, things evolved and synthetic fibers were created. If we look at fashion now, its primary function has become self-expression.

There are many fashion designers in the world that create breathtaking designs on daily basis. Moreover, designers nowadays use quite unusual items to create their works, starting from everyday items to recycled materials and what not. Sylve Facon is a French creator and fashion designer who brought some unseen dresses into the world.

She creates dresses that look like Cinderella’s godmother had a touch on them. Spines of old books is just one of these unusual materials she uses. According to what Vintage News wrote, it took around 250 hours her to finish one of her gowns, but the results were amazing. One thing is for sure, all the literary enthusiasts will love her works.

Scroll down this article and see some of this fashion designer’s best works. You’ll be surprised by the intricate details but let your imagination wander because these dresses will make you do so.


1. Dress made from spines of old texts

The back is encrusted with lace. Such a beautiful classic gown!


2. Old town dress


3. The heart of the city one

Source: Eric Sot

4. Violin dress


5. Garden-inspired gowns

Source: Pauline Franque


6. The Knight dress 

An interpretation of an illustration by Didier Graffet.

French Designer Creates Dresses from Old Books


7. Mushroom dress

French Designer Creates Dresses from Old Books
Source: Sylviefaconcreatricefrance

These are just some of the works made by this unique fashion designer. If you want to see all of her works you can visit her Instagram profile.

Let us know in the comment section which one from these dresses was your favorite. We’ll be reading them!

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