These Are The Most Hated “Friends” Characters According To Votes

People who have watched Friends will have each a different opinion when it comes to the best and the worst character. The preferences always depend on your own people preferences.


But still, your favorite character from 20 years ago will not be the same some time later, because every time you watch the show, you will think differently about it. The feelings the characters give you aren’t always the same.


This happens because the struggles the characters face are different depending the age you’re into. For example, the episode where you they turn 30, the struggles of dating and the challenges a career can be much more relatable to you.


The show went on for 10 years and during that time people created some opinions on the characters. YouGov carried out a survey to find the people’s best and worst Friends characters but there was a debate with people defending their favorites.


So what turned out to be the result?


The results show that at least 67 Brits, aged 25-44 have seen at least one episode of Friends.


But what’s totally shocking is that 27% of those who are aged between 18-24 in the UK have never seen an episode of Friends. When it comes to the best character on Friends, Chandler is the most voted.

20% people in the UK think that Chandler Bing is the best character. Joey comes second with 17% .

Phoebe comes very close to Joey with 15% of the votes and then Rachel with 13%. The Geller siblings are both ranked with Ross taking 6% of votes and Monica coming the last with 5%.

Men are mostly likely to be fans of Joey while women prefer Phoebe. She is perceived as the nicest friend, Chandler the funniest, Joey the most fun and Rachel as the most attractive.

Unfortunately, Monica is seen as the least nice while Ross is thought to be the most annoying. So this is what people of Great Britain really think about the Friends characters. Do you guys agree? Who is your favorite character? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Viralthread