“Friends” Is Now Leaving Netflix As Of January 1 And None Of Us Are ‘Fine’

Are you up for some bad news? Well, I won’t beat around the bush. Our favorite sitcom TV show ‘FRIENDS’ is leaving Netflix as of January 1st. And you wanna know how we feel about this? Well, I think the episode when Ross feels ‘fine’ describes it pretty well. See, the thing is this TV show has been a trend ever since it was released, back in 1994. Somehow, their humor and jokes are still relevant, even though it’s been over a decade since it ended.


But, one thing is for sure. To anyone who is sad about this, just know that you’re not alone:

Source: Nicole

It just seems a little unfair to all us fans…

Source: Jenn

Yup, I think this perfectly sums up everyone’s reaction:

Source: Nora Dominick

Sure, I have other ways of watching FRIENDS (hint: I have the DVDs) but just the thought that I can’t hop on Netflix and binge-watch the show while I binge-eat all the junk food there is in my house upsets me.

Source: Jesse

We are anything BUT fine!

Source: Emma

It’s as if she knew…

Source: Kirsten Easton


Want liiiiittle bit of hope and good news? People out there are spreading rumors that FRIENDS will be joining Warner Media’s streaming service in late 2019.

friends leaving netflix

Warner Brothers / Via crazyplatelady.tumblr.com

I mean, we have already said our heartfelt goodbyes to the cast. Don’t make us say goodbye to the show altogether.


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