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Friends Who Made Pact To Marry Each Other If They’re Still Single At 50 Just Said “I Do”

Friends Who Made Pact To Marry Each Other If They’re Still Single At 50 Just Said “I Do”

If someone told you, “You know that story about the friends who promised they would marry each other if they were still single by 50, and did?” you’d probably think they were talking about a book or movie, right? But, as they say, reality is stranger than fiction – or in this case, more romantic!

Two friends, Kimberley Dean, 51, and Ron Palmer, 54, have just tied the knot after 37 years of being friends – and yes, years ago, during a phone conversation, they two had promised each other that if they were both single in their fifties they would marry each other.

The two had been in a relationship previously back in high school, but had decided to break up, because according to Ron he wanted to “sow [his] wild oats.”

He told the Daily Mail:

I thought at that young age, girls were a dime a dozen and I could get along with anybody – so we broke up. But we broke up on good terms. We remained friends.

They remained such good friends actually, that they would call each other on the phone after one of them had gone through a breakup, which is when they made their pact. Kimberly said:

It was a complete joke. We were both single at the time and we were just both fed up with dating and all the craziness that goes with that. 

“It was something along the lines, since she’s two and a half years younger, ‘Once you hit 50 if we’re both single, maybe we should try this again,'” explained Ron.

Kimberly was married once during their friendship, a marriage which ended in divorce but resulted in two children with whom Ron also had a good relationship with. They explained how Ron used to take Kimberly’s children camping sometimes and even fixed a hamster cage for one of them once.

Kimberly’s daughter, Kayla, speaking for the Star Tribune, said:

People who are meant to be together will always find each other. It may take 37 years, but it can happen. 

Last Friday, they kept up their pact, getting married in a loving ceremony where Kayla was the bridesmaid and her son walked her down the aisle. The marriage comes after they started dating each other again back in 2016, and Ron proposed last New Year’s Eve.

Kimberly says her only regret in life is not having married him sooner:

Everything you go through to get to here was worth it. I just wish it could have been a little earlier. What can I say? I love him. I’m head over heels.

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Ron, for his part, is also completely smitten with his new bride, saying:

We started out as friends, we fell in love and we parted as friends, but we still cared for each other. I’ve always loved her because she’s such an awesome friend.

Well, may they live long and happy together.


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