12+ Frosty Pictures That Show How Cold It Is In America Right Now

The midwestern United States has been struggling with a harsh cold lately, shattering even records as the polar vortex struck these places with historical weather. Thousands of flights have been canceled, most of the schools and businesses are closed and people have been told from weather forecasters to stay inside and check after their neighbors. Chicago is also suffering from extreme cold weather conditions so that Lake Michigan has been encased in thick and ice.

People living in these parts of America took to social media to share their daily struggles with this cold weather. Some of these photos you can see below:


1. You know it’s really cold when even the bubbles freeze

Photo Credit: BiologistDan


2. A Twitter user shared this picture of Lake Michigan that his brother took while flying on a plane

Photo Credit: DavidPFunk


3. While in Minnesota – tank explodes

Photo Credit: David Hildebrand


4. Outdoors lunch in Chicago

Photo Credit: supercatpuke


5. Chicago is attempting to keep commuter rail tracks operational by setting them on fire

Photo Credit: metrarail


6. Trying to make the most of this weather

Photo Credit: Mapes


7. ‘After two days of freezing rain, this mold came out’

Photo Credit: sprgsmnt


8. Trying to blow bubbles in freezing weather – this happens

Photo Credit: cbotnyse


9. How about Iowa?

Photo Credit: taylor_scallon


10. ‘My sister opened her car door in Chicago’

Photo Credit: PerkyMooseTits



11. Homeless people are having such difficult times in these days of harsh winter

Photo Credit: OMAROSA


12. Another photo of frozen Lake Michigan

Photo Credit: Jacopo_della_Q

13. ‘The landlord decided to turn down the heat today In my MN apartment’

Photo Credit: JohannReddit


14. ‘Freezing our pants off in Minnesota’

Photo Credit: gregswan


15. Something about Wisconsin?

Photo Credit: atlastifoundit



16. ‘It’s so cold In Iowa that we froze antifreeze’

Photo Credit: Stonedspidey


17. Great respect goes to firefighters who are working on the polar vortex

Cold in America Right Now
Photo Credit: crowntownfrown



18. Look at her frozen eyelashes

Cold in America Right Now
Photo Credit: mayrenaisamar