12+ Funniest Situations That All Fathers Will Relate

Fatherhood must be filled with emotional, financial and physical stress, but we can all agree on how important is for a father to keep his sense of humor on stage after all the struggles down the lane. While the jury is out whether dad jokes are funny only for the dad who makes them or to almost every father out there we can’t say much, but for sure some of the jokes are so relatable even when looked from a non-father perspective.

So, since we all agree that some comic relief is a must from time to time in every family you can check out some of the sweetest, most teasing and most dad-joke-filled photos ever:


1. ‘My son has his corner of play and so do I’

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2. Genius. He’s not even noticing the difference

Source: © Botra


3. Who said that a dad can’t find a wise way to repair his child’s stroller?

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4. When you going for a walk with your daughter, you wear your favorite clothes…

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5. Here’s a perfect place to put the mouse

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6. 4 little children crossing the road with their dad guiding them

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7. All you need: some plywood sheets and adhesive tape. No more arguing!

Source: © unhappyprincess

8. When you have to take the kids to the gym

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9. Tired of cleaning walls and floors? Here is the ideal solution!

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10. And she looks happy… little does she know… dad is spending some valuable time by himself

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11. Like dad like son! Yayy, October’s Holiday is da best!

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12. Who’s the chief here? Then I recall I’m the only man in my family.


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13. And this is how this cute chubby cheeked baby woke up

Funniest Situations

Source: © OneCrazyWriter

Funniest Situations

Source: © OneCrazyWriter




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