These Are The 200 Funniest Snaps Ever

There are some moments and some things in our lives that deserve to be captured and be immortalized in history. Such things are some important events and moments, art, and of course, Snapchats. Snapchat has given us an opportunity to capture and share these special moments in our lives with our friends, family and the whole Internet. We are so grateful to the people who screen-shotted these gems and share them with us.

This amazing app has evolved from focusing the on person-to-person picture sharing to introduce the 24-hours-available stories. There is also the interaction with visual stickers. This app has 166 million daily active users, as of May 2017, and it’s safe to assume that that number has only shot up since then.

Even though the basic concept of Snapchat is that the pictures are only available for the short period of time before becoming inaccessible (although one of the recent updates made the photos viewable for as long as you want until you close them), these guys have made history by screenshotting these beyond hilarious photos. This twenty-minute video is a compilation of amazing and epic snapshots that will make your day.

FunnyPicsOnly, that has over 150k subscribers to date has created this video compilation of the 200 funniest Snapchats ever, and the video has nearly 2 million views to date.

These people are truly amazing and creative. For instance, there is this guy who has found a fossil.

snapchat 1

The lost astronauts. Huston, we have a problem.

snapchat 2

And then there is a really worried girl who is 95% pregnant.

snapchat 3

Also, there is this guy who got lucky.

snapchat 4

Sit back, relax and watch the full video compilation of the 200 funniest Snapchats ever, courtesy of FunnyPicsOnly. No doubt, it will make your day.

Source: FunnyPicsOnly