12 Funny Christmas Gifts For Your Better Half

Christmas is only a few weeks away! Time is passing so quickly and there are so many preparations to do! Aside from decorating your home and engaging in you fair share of Christmas crafting, you also need to buy presents for all your loved ones. Oh, this is the toughest part! And you really want to get your significant other the perfect present! Don’t worry if you’re running low on ideas. We are here to help you! If you and your partner share an excellent sense humour then these gifts are definitely the right thing for you! This list of 12 awesome gifts was compiled by HuffPost.

1. ‘Mine/Yours’ Pillowcases

When the middle of the bed isn’t really the line that divides the bed in ‘halves’ and you want to set the record straight.


Source: kakabaka/Etsy

2 ‘I Love Weirdos’

Who doesn’t? Normal is boring anyway.


Source: LuciusArt/Etsy

3 ‘It’s About To Get Nostalgic’ Photo Album

What better way to preserve all of the most amazing moments of your relationship?


Source: DiamondEyesChicago/Etsy

4. Heisenberg ‘Let’s Cook’ Cutting Board

When your partner is an incurable Breaking Bad fan.


Source: CreativeButterflyXOX/Etsy

5. ‘Elf’ Pint Glasses

Your partner loves beer and the Elf movie? We got you covered.


Source: Rockabilia

6. ‘Why You’re So Awesome’ Fill-In-The-Blank Book

Tell your S.O. why you love them so much and boost their confidence with this cool book.


Source: Barnes & Noble

7. ‘Hungover AF’ Coffee Mug

This mug could put a smile on their face after a late night, and help alleviate the hangover.


Source: cutemugsandthings/Etsy

8. Funny Spoon and Fork Set

Naughty silverware is naughty.


Source: BabyPuppyDesigns/Etsy

9. ‘You’re Right’ Throw Pillow

Every argument should end in a pillow fight! How much fun would that be?


Source: Alexandra Ferguson

10. ‘I Love You More Than Coffee’ Wood Sign

When you want to show them that things are getting pretty serious.


Source: SarikoDesigns/Etsy

11. ‘Groceries & Sh*t’ Tote Bag

Perfect for a shopping trip together. And if people are staring at your bag, it’s because it’s awesome.


Source: Relish Decor

12. Little Box Of Date Nights

Bring some variety into your relationship with different kinds of dates.


Source: FlytrapOnE/Etsy
Source: huffingtonpost