12+ Funny Coincidences That Really Should Have Been Better Thought Out

Some of the funniest things happen completely by accident. For example, and I know it’s awful to laugh, but we’ve all probably let out a chuckle or two when someone’s fallen down, right? And gone right up to help them, of course.

And sometimes, we come across something that seems so ill-thought out (or not even thought-out at all), that it’s hilarious in a dumbfounding way. Like, who, ever, thought that it’s a good idea to place a food ad right by the garbage, or a vegan ad right next to a meat shop?

Other times, it’s all in the perspective. An event captured at the exact right moment to offer us some A-level entertainment. So, scroll down to see a list of funny coincidences that people really should have thought harder on.


1. A+ Ad Placement

Source: © supernormal / reddit


2. Chris Pratt really does have quite the body, eh?

Source: © carbearnara / reddit © Jurassic World / Universal Studios


3. Oh so that’s where the secret ingredient comes from!

Source: © bouzglouf / reddit


4. That’s something that might easily have caused an accident…

Source: © ChildShapedMan / reddit


5. A call for recruitment, or a sad, romantic drama?

Source: © fai1012 / reddit


6. That’s… sure to be delicious?

Source: © whynotfart / reddit


7. Yeah, why would you need any more?

Source: © MagicaRanger / twitter


8. What are you doing in there, Santa?

Source: © BeardAfterDark / reddit


9. When you try to be supportive but mess everything up even more…

Source: © Lord_Shacks / reddit


10. Kids these days…

Source: © unknown / imgur


11. Oh dear, this is so embarrassing…

Source: © ThatSleepyTree / reddit


12. When the photobomber ends up being the photobombed.

Source: © RuffleFingers / reddit


13. It’s refreshing when men aren’t shy to show their feminine side.

Source: © hockeyplyrsclub / twitter


14. Guess I’ll just hold it, then.

Source: © wingmyr / reddit


15. “They just told me to hang them, not watch what I was doing!” – this guy probably.


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16. When your girlfriend cooks for you and you have to pretend to like it.

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