16 Pictures Of The Funniest Dads Ever

While the jury is out on whether dad jokes are ever funny to anyone but the dad making them, we can all recognize how important it is for a father – facing down all the financial, physical, and emotional stresses of parenthood – to keep still his sense of humor going. While some fathers make hilarious tweets to share their role with the world, the others were photographed in hilarious actions, expressing thus fatherhood in a funny way. Well, we don’t like to overuse the term “LOL” but in the below cases, the acronym is just so appropriate — see the photos yourself, to judge If what I’m talking about it’s true:


1. If you want to try a plunger, try to carry your kid with it:

Source :Reddit |BertoliB


2. This father compared a kiwi with the head of his baby. And the resemblance is just uncanny.

Source :Reddit | Swapnil_Sood


3. As a father, you have to be good at multitasking.

Source :Reddit |2nie


4. This is the perfect picture one can get in response.

Source :DumpaDay


5. At least he tried.

Source :Imgur |jennahopkins


6. If you can’t beat them, you try to join them. I’d say this dad the whole “I don’t care about anything” look down right. Solid attempt!

Source: Imgur | jennahopkins


7. Aw, this is so cute. No worries even if he forgets that in public, we hope every father who has little girls to understand it.

Source: Reddit |Monkeyinpants


8. You can rarely make both you and your child happy, but this is the closest I’ve seen to striking that balance.

Source :Reddit | daedalus_78


9. This dad was a brave soul, but I think the answer is no.

Source :Reddit |Texas_Fire


10. I wonder, how would one react after receiving this…

Source :DumpaDay


11. This dad knows what keeps enthralled his baby

funny dads

Source :Acid Cow


12. Nice effort buddy, we all wish animals could play board games.

Source :Fun Cage


13. The bottle is cute though. Mistook you with your children.

funny dads

Source :The Chive


14. This dad doesn’t need a supermarket cart.

Source :DumpaDay


15. Like father like son.

funny dads

Source :Funny All The Time


16. A dad who loves video games, I love how his two innocent children think that they’re playing too. It’s a trap!

funny dads

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