12+ Designers Who Should Have Really Let Someone Go Over Their Work Once More

Sometimes, no matter how hard you work and how much effort and dedication you put into something, some mistakes will inevitably slip. It’s usually good to get an objective opinion from someone else, since they might catch mistakes that might have slipped you by, whether that’s on an essay you’re writing, a DIY project, or a project design. As is said, to err is human, so you’ll be forgiven if something slips you by.

However, there are cases when the mistake is so bad, and so glaringly obvious that you’re left wondering how did no one see this? Though, admittedly, it’s often times pretty funny – and sometimes inappropriate and even dangerous. As in the cases below:

1. Jesus does what now?

Photo Credit: Bausdria


2. This hospital hallway is giving me ‘The Walking Dead’ pilot episode flashbacks.

Photo Credit: CptDobey


3. Passengers in aisle F are in for the ride of a lifetime!

Photo Credit: UltraAGamer


4. Much work for absolutely nothing.

Photo Credit: adogepepe


5. The irony is heavy with this one!

Photo Credit: PeppyPlays


6. I think the author is trying to send someone a message.

Photo Credit: mungus_fungus


7. That hardly seems appropri-. Oh, wait, never mind!

Photo Credit: pickledmiao


8. She seems awfully cheerful to be going where this book suggests.

Photo Credit: outbackmusic


9. Uhmm… this may be sending people the wrong message…

Photo Credit: TheRustyTrumboner


10. Some designs should really be better thought-out. Period!

Photo Credit: u/Me0Be0


11. Yes, uhm, definitely very good luck on finals!

Photo Credit: Chap904


12. This is just a series of unfortunate events waiting to happen!

Photo Credit: Vjaa


13. This bicycle path in Hungary seems a liiitle bumpy.

Photo Credit: Pteti


14. Talk about mixed signals!

Photo Credit: zukluk

15. Was this cause founded by that scary teacher in Matilda?

Photo Credit: Gummie


16. This bargain was a steal! By which I mean the store tried to rip us off!

Photo Credit: Nurrsha


17. Because PrintScreen-ing an image is much easier than hitting Save.

Photo Credit: MacAirt


18. For some reason, this might not have the intended effect…

design fails
Photo Credit: impossible_girl999


19. You know, sometimes, it is allowed to take some creative liberties…

design fails
Photo Credit: 59565956


20. Because everyone knows this is how mirrors work (in horror movies, maybe.)

design fails
Photo Credit: tinydonuts

Do you have a similar story about a mistake you’ve let slip by you or one that someone else did? Share it in the comments.


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