Little Kids And Weddings Don’t Mix, And These 12+ Pictures Prove It

If you make a list of some of the social functions people hate going to most, weddings would probably take a spot on the top 10 list – or at least top 20. I mean, yes, they are supposed to be fun celebrations of love and family but a lot of time they just involve exchanging pleasantries with people you vaguely know and dodging questions from relatives you haven’t seen in years but are suddenly very invested in your love life.

If you’re not someone who thrives on these sort of celebrations, or the bride and groom themselves, then you’ll probably spend the majority of the time at your table or at the bar, glancing at the clock and waiting for someone else to leave first so you’ll know it’s socially acceptable for you to do so as well. And if weddings can be tiring for fully grown adults with some self-restraint, then it’s probably ten times worse for kids.

Which is why it’s amusing to see how some kids react at weddings. Thankfully, people have managed to capture some pretty hilarious moments on film, and shared them with us, so scroll down to see some funny pictures of kids at weddings.


1. “Not this again…”

Photo Credit: imgur


2. “I could have been home watching SpongeBob…”

Photo Credit: David Ferguson Photography


3. “You’ll never catch me alive!”

Photo Credit: Annette Burgess


4. “Have you all seen my Mickey Mouse undies?”

Photo Credit: Abby Photography


5. “What do you mean this is gonna be me one day?”

Photo Credit: orangegirl


6. It’s finally a wrap! Can’t wait to go back to my hotel room and crack open this suitcase of toys.”

Photo Credit: sruvolo


7. “You said I had to walk the aisle, you didn’t say I had to like it!”

Photo Credit: nombski


8. Work it!

Photo Credit: Estell Keel


9. Flower girl before and after the wedding reception…

Photo Credit: ElBandejo


10. “Come on, man! She has cooties!”

Photo Credit: Kelly Hornberger


11. “Can we go home now?”

Photo Credit: Craig Paulson Photography


12. “I’ll get these two, you get the rest!”

Photo Credit: Del Sol Photography


13. “Here’s your damn ring!”

Photo Credit: Kyoot Kids R


14. “Was it absolutely necessary for me to be in this shot?”

Photo Credit: alexandra_raetzer_photography


15. “Oh hey, didn’t see you there…”

funny pictures of kids at weddings
Photo Credit: DrunkCinderella


16. Wedding mood in one picture.

funny pictures of kids at weddings
Photo Credit: Studio Cabrelli.

Kids really are hilarious, aren’t they?


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