12+ Funny Pictures That Will Make You Let Out A Giggle Or Two

You’ve just woken up, or you’re taking a break from work, or you’re just procrastinating something you really should be doing and you’re just not feeling the greatest.

Well, what you need is just a random list of funny pictures.

This is such a list, so scroll down to see a bunch of funny pictures, from Liam Hemsworth dressing up as The Rock, to some really adorable dinosaurs, to a father hilariously trolling his daughter. And then get right back to what you’re supposed to be doing.


1. He is trying to infiltrate the local dog gang

I hear they’re really dangerous, and totally not good boys.

Source: © SecretKaleidoscope / Reddit


2. Well, doing this is probably the only way I’m gonna make it to Hollywood

Source: © KirilliZe / Pikabu


3. This father, like daughter

I think he really nailed the eyebrows. (He is recreating his daughter’s selfies.)

Source: © therealburrmartin / Instagram


4. Can’t you just hear the sound in your head?

This person was driving in his car and apparently came across the Windows XP Desktop.

Source: © GenericReditUserName / Reddit


5. Movie making on a budget

The times are tough…

Source: © sp__ace / Reddit


6. So scary

I am shaking in my boots right now.

Source: © claum0y / Reddit


7. When you can’t visit Stonehenge, bring the Stonehenge to you!

Source: © washedupnate / Reddit


8. Brother, is that you?

Source: © Swimming_Pool / Reddit


9. This is the best (and only acceptable) IT costume I’ve ever seen.

Source: © mac_is_crack / Reddit


10. This Halloween, be what you love most!

Source: © KristinaKaspi / Pikabu


11. Nike has really downgraded its advertisements lately…

Source: © lookinmymirror / Reddit


12. Is this a sign…?

Source: © follzod / Pikabu


13. This is like one of those “what you order vs. what arrives” memes.

Source: © elkin1988 / Pikabu


14. Female Harry Potter has been discovered

In the form of this woman who is growing out her hair for the first time in a while.

Source: © readycent / Reddit


15. In one way or another, we’re all connected

Source: © beardynolando / Reddit


16. Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum dressing up as a young Dwayne Johnson

Well, if this isn’t the best thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Source: © St0pX / Reddit


17. Marlin, I have some bad news…

Hopefully the store next door isn’t called “Frying Dory”…

Source: © HomePhysique / Reddit


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