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12+ Funny Pictures That Will Give Short People The Grins

12+ Funny Pictures That Will Give Short People The Grins

One of the most common problems short people have is others having trouble finding them because they are easily hidden by bigger objects. Of course, there could be memes about tall people too, as they can’t really hide anywhere. However, they will come and find you where you are, and elevate you, as you are probably a short person rebelling against tall ones.

When it comes to short people, there are different situations and struggles they go through, which people have used to take the hilarity out of them.

They may not be able to reach the top shelf, but at least there is no height requirement for laughing at the pictures below:


1. Short people, sorry not sorry! Trying to solidarize with you. Really.

short people

Source: Reddit | renerdrat


2. I have been there. But, I was 5 years old back then.

short people

Source: Reddit | beet111


3. That’s why you need to have a tall friend by your side. When you can’t reach the handles, they will be right here for you. 

short people

Source: Imgur | zorroegy


4. I am not short. The bed is too big. And the running start? Oh, that’s only for exercising.

short people

Source: Instagram | @tropicalgirl13


5. When you think there is a fault in your mirror or maybe you are just a vampire. Oh, it’s me… down the reflection perimeter. 

Source: Reddit | jem_


6. So, this is the view of tall people’s eyesight. Nice!

Source: Twitter | @CommonWhiteGirl


7. Call your tall friend (who probably wrote it) to erase it.

Source: Imgur | Anonymousacc


8. Does anybody have the solution to this problem? Should we capture the pic from an airplane or?

Source: Reddit | pantstickle


9. There is a secret world up here which you will never know, even if you would wear stilts.

Source: Imgur | hunterpathugh


10. Hey, guys! I am right here! Hey, heeeey! Hellooo!

Source: Instagram | @taylorswift


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11. Grocery shopping can be as painful as shelf climbing.

Source: Twitter | @_samantha_jane


12. Did you know that being short develops your critical thinking? Mostly about how to reach your surroundings and what to use to do so.

short people

Source: Instagram | @aloysius.grace


13. Jeans! Why are you so long? These poor short legs of mine can’t fit in you. I guess it’s time to head to the kids’ section.

short people

Source: Instagram | @atl_elle


14. Let’s admit it. That dog is huge. But, the person behind the girl tells her height.

short people

Source: Instagram | @mrs.milty


15. And when your photographer is professional. I am talking about the first picture only.

short people

Source: Instagram | @will_ent

From: Diply


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