12+ Pictures To Scroll And Laugh And Scroll Some More

Sometimes, it just seems that I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. The worst part about it? I don’t even believe in that kind of superstitious things. However, I don’t know how else to describe the days when I don’t really feel like getting up and you know, adulting. These are usually the days when I idly scroll up and down on my social media accounts. Or binge-watch my favorite TV shows and movies for hours and hours and hours. The thing is that I used to feel super duper guilty about these days, whereas now I have learned to accept them as they are. That’s my brain’s way of telling me it needs to recharge and I will go with it.

We have different coping mechanisms and what works for me might not work for you. But we should always be attentive of what our body is trying to tell you. Whether we have overworked during the week, or simply we feel like we need to rest. And listen carefully before you burn yourself out.

Here are a few pictures to help you get going on this day when you do nothing but chill.

1. Ahhh, nature!

Source: Imgur | Yoosirname


2. Works for me

Source: The Chive


3. The kangaroo wins

Source: The Chive


4. You really don’t see that every day

Source: LOLS


5. Now that’s how to ride

Source: Power Apple


6. I really, really wish I was this nice to myself

Source: Imgur | anlyin


7. Nope

Source: Big Picture


8. Ride or die

Source: Reddit | wtfisustupid


9. What about me?

Source: Imgur | RaoQurbanRaoAli


10. Better watch out

Source: Imgur | RedNapster


11. That’s the way to do it

Source: Twitter | @taliaphillips2


12. Me

Source: Imgur | MyArmKindaHurts


13. So true!

Source: Twitter | EPASketch


14. Sometimes, it’s good to blend in

Source: Imgur | menAreGood


15. It was just a joke, Mom

Source: me.me


16. Be careful what you wish for.

funny pictures

Source: Reddit | WhuddupBoiz


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