People On Internet Are Pulling Jokes At This Police Officer’s Name

One police officer has the whole internet talking about him due to having the greatest name a cop could ever have. PC Rob Banks, yes, that’s his real name, appeared on ITV News West Country on January 17th to discuss the impact that the budget cuts have had on the police force. The caption that stated the police officer’s name was only there for a few seconds, however, that was more than enough for viewers to take pics and notice the pun.

One person called Matt Allen shared the picture on Twitter and wrote:

Best policeman name ever goes to…

While another social media user under the name of Seth Darby tweeted:

And the award for policeman name of the year 2019 goes to….

Both tweets went viral, thus, making PC Rob Banks a new star.

While people are being asked to pay more for their police, the police officers are actually considering quitting due to the insufficient numbers to cope with the rising crime levels. Another police officer, Ainsley Husain, speaking to the cameras after attending a stabbing in a Bristol park, said:

There’s just not enough of us and criminality around the city goes almost undetected at the moment.

He continued:

There’ll be other emergencies unresourced at the moment, whether that be on our patch or other areas around the city that are going unresourced.

People have been waiting hours to see a police officer.

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Source: Unilad