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15 Funny Tweets About College Professors That Are Surprisingly Real

15 Funny Tweets About College Professors That Are Surprisingly Real

Everything can be a challenge when you first arrive at college. From finding classes to finding new friends and learning more about your professors. And let us not talk about the challenges of studying, that is a massive subject in itself.

But as time passes by, we will have developed our sympathy for our favorite professors. And most of the times, the best professors are those who besides using the best teaching methodologies, just seem to know the right time to crack a joke and make the class buzz in real laughter. If by now you didn’t see college professor tweets gathered up in one place, it’s time to scroll this article down and release some ‘feel-good hormones’ right away. We promise that all of them are funny and worthy of seeing.


1. We can detect your tribe right away…

Source: Ruth Bader Ginstan


2. Do I know you?

Source: Justyce


3. #Maybe you can find some time for me…

Source: Dean Phoxy, PHirst of His Name


4. Never have I ever been this much attentive!

Photo Credit: College Student


5. It is not easy for them…

Source: Jay


6. Seriously though!

Source: @jordanrankins


7. Been there. Heard that.

Source: 🌲 female hysteria


8. Well…

Photo Credit: DrewbieDoobie


9. Unexpected…

Source: Leek

10. Ever tried that Eve?

Source: Adam Cook


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11. He has the brains.

Source: jazmin


12. OMG, this is extra!

Photo Credit: mario


13. Anyone can relate?

Photo Credit: emily schoka


14. Professors are professors and we are we. 🙁

Photo Credit: Nihal [redacted], jobless,



15. Do they know about justice in this world of ours?

Photo Credit: MAURO

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