These 14 Funny Snowmen Have A Different Story To Tell

The winter is here and so are all those interesting winter-related and beyond hilarious pictures and gifs on the Internet. If there is snow in your city or town already, you are lucky, because many people are impatiently waiting for the snowflakes so they can have fun with their children by making snowmen.


Snowmen can be inspirational to many crafty individuals, some of which just got bored of their dull cliched creations from years past, so they got motivated and inspired to go into full-creative-mode. Why have a simple snowman this winter when you can have an outstanding, weird and unique one and become famous in your neighborhood. The following people definitely managed to do so.

Embrace this list of snowmen-gone-wild, courtesy of Diply, and get some inspiration to make your own original snowman, even if you live in a warm, snowless place.

1. We were doing a great job at hiding here but then one child managed to ruin it all with one snowball


Source: reddit | Brutl

2. The snowmen in Texas are pretty different. And creepy, but still kinda cute.


Source: reddit | fraghawk

3. The Earth decided to grow a lamp here, right here through my heart. And so, I’m gone for the winter.


Source: imgur | noobafried

4. The worst spring apocalypse in Snow-World


Source: imgur | AlexExley

5. When all the snowy monsters from the upside world come, we shall be moving to another planet.


Source: imgur | floppydonkeydank

6. If these are global warming-inspired snowmen, then it is acceptable. Otherwise, it’s way too creepy.


Source: imgur | Yar200

7. A Star Wars fan celebrating the new installments


Source: F*** Yeah Dementia

8. Children-friendly little colorful snowmen? Nope.


Source: imgur | chrisl182

9. We know that you aren’t made of snow, so here you are.


Source: reddit | J0nesy

10. Just when I thought that I am alone in this wretched world, this penny came by.


Source: imgur | letterskilled

11. How snowmen act when drunk


Source: imgur | mental405

12. I’ve eaten too much snow this winter. Regardless, I am beyond happy.


Source: imgur | freesnowcone

13. Well, well, it seems like the snow-party went really wrong here.


Source: imgur | noisecomplaints

14. Even though I might not be beautiful, I bet I taste wonderful!


Source: imgur | stalkingintensifies
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