12+ Funny Tweets That Will Definitely Make You Let Out A Chuckle Or Two

Some days you just need a little something to give you a good chuckle or two. You may be down on your luck, someone made you angry, or you’re just not having a good day and you’re not sure why. If you think going out and being productive to try and take your mind off things is too much work, then maybe just scrolling through a list of funny tweets could be just the thing you need.

Sometimes people are just effortlessly funny, and thankfully, they decide to share it with the rest of us. Here’s a collection of funny tweets that will definitely get a chuckle out of you, no matter how bad your day is going.

1. Pettiness at its finest

Source: Alex

2. It’s true, every time…

Source: Beth mccoll

3. Science

Source: Dream ghoul

4. #facts

Source: Elizabeth williams

5. Moral dilemmas…

Source: Hi, it’s Abby. Yep.

6. Well, it’s a catchy song

Source: The library haunter

7. Any avocado lover knows the struggle

Source: Elspeth Eastman

8. Come on, it’s Rihanna. Of course, she could be that funny!

Source: Melisandre

9. You ever wonder how Siri feels?

Source: Batkaren

10. Very sound logic on her part…

Source: Beth, an alien®

11. You need a little more practice, I think…

Source: Ming

12. I agree.

Source: Tamara Yajia (Babe Vigoda)

13. I’ve stopped. I’ll finish this article later…

Source: Tenacious Grace

14. I’m sorry people laughed t it…

Source: Megan Amram

15. …lizard on a chair!

Source: Periwinkle Jones

16. Beats Romeo & Juliet any day.

Source: Jurassica Fox

17. So would I.

Source: Titless wonder


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