Game Of Thrones Fans Spot A Coffee Cup While Celebrations Were Held In The Great Hall – And They’re Not Impressed

This post contains Game of Thrones season 8, episode 4 spoilers.

All the eyes are on this show right now. Afraid of missing a detail, fans stay up late to watch the fantasy drama. While waiting for the ending of the show, on the last episode while celebrating the victory and killing the Night King, Game of Thrones fans noticed a cup of coffee on the counter at the Winterfell’s Great Hall.

In the scene, we can see Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow and their united army of Wildlings, Unsullied and Dothraki warriors laughed, joked, and drank while celebrating.

game of thrones cup of coffee

The actors seemed to be oblivious to the cappuccino, however, whose to know whether they thought it was not going to make it on the big screen or not. Then, fans took over the internet to share their thoughts and disbelief.

Live tweeting from Twitter, a fan wrote:

So this is where we’re at now! A Starbucks cup!

game of thrones cup of coffee

Is the cup of coffee from Starbucks? It sure looks like it. But it left fans surprised that a big thing like this could slip from them and make it on the big screen.

Let’s go through a few tweets from very disappointed fans.

game of thrones cup of coffee

My personal favorite is: StarKbucks!

game of thrones cup of coffee

Another person wrote:

If that’s Dany’s Starbucks coffee I feel bad for the barista who has to write her name on the cup…. hand must be cramping.

Another said:

I missed the story arc where dany discovers pumpkin spice lattes.

game of thrones cup of coffee

While another fan claims that the cup wasn’t Photoshopped onto the scene:

It isn’t I just rewatched the scene on hbo now is that a candle or something wtf.

game of thrones cup of coffee

Starbucks released a statement from their Twitter account:

The show ends on May 19 while we wait for the dramatic climax at Kings Landing after Cersei killed dragon Rhaegal and Daenerys’ loyal servant Missandei. We’ll just have to see and wait for it. This isn’t the first time fans have shared their disappointment with the show. The entire episode 3 of season 8 was dark, which caused many to be displeased.