Cryptic Tweet Sends ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Into A Frenzy After Hinting At A Possible Remake

Winter might be coming once again!

Just six months after the controversial Game of Thrones finale, it looks like fans are in for another meltdown. Seriously, guys, this is too much!

The show’s official Twitter account sent everyone into a frenzy on Monday, after a cryptic post that simply read “Winter is coming.” The tweet led fans to believe a possible season 8 remake is in the works and all we can say is, WE’LL BE WATCHING WHATEVER THAT IS!

Read below the three magic words.


The HBO show’s finale earlier this year received a lot of backlashes and left fans disappointed due to the rushed end. A season 8 remake was a trending topic on Twitter shortly after, which brings us to that cryptic tweet again, is there really a remake coming soon?


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A Game of Thrones prequel is already on its way – House of the Dragon – based on George R R Martin’s book, however, people are speculating that the tweet could only mean one thing, and that is a season 8 remake.

An excited fan wrote, “Is the real Season 8 coming out now?”

Well, one can only hope.
game of thrones remake

While baseball player Lance McCuller Jr. chimed in saying “‘***remake of Season 8 is coming*** fixed it for you.”

But apparently, there are people who think of the show as a thing from the past. A user claimed that she ‘broke up with you (Game of Thrones) a long time ago,’ expressing her annoyance over the tweet.

And then there’s a fan who thinks the tweet came “too soon, I’m still mad,” speaking of the controversial finale.
game of thrones remake

Others chose to make fun of the situation like one guy who tweeted “Hell yeah!! King Bran is getting his balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Long live the King.”

game of thrones remake

“Where did they say anything about remake? It probably a Blu-ray collector’s edition.”

Another Blu-ray reference came from another fan who took to Twitter and wrote, “I feel this is more about an impending Blu-ray than a remake.”

While we’re still trying to investigate what the tweet really means, one thing is for sure, it won’t be easy for Game of Thrones to win back many of their devoted fans.


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