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Game Of Thrones Documentary, The Last Watch, Depicts Stars’ Reactions To The Script

Game Of Thrones Documentary, The Last Watch, Depicts Stars’ Reactions To The Script

In the Game of Thrones universe, everyone’s watch has ended precisely one week ago. Game of Thrones has come to an end and no matter how the last season rolled out, it will definitely be missed. It has been with us since 2011 and referring to it as an emotional roller coaster is a huge understatement. The last season of GoT ended one week ago today, and the six-episode season took over nine long months to be shoot.

However, how many of us have always wanted to get a glimpse of Game of Thrones on the other side of the Wall aka behind the scenes and the facades of the actors? Well, such a thing was made possible with the help of a documentary which featured scenes from the final table reads. The stars are shown reacting while the script was being read and it’s so impressive to see how genuine their whole feelings about GoT are.

Not only were fans shown the crew’s reactions, but they were also told about production hubs such as Belfast, Northern Island and Dubrovnik, Croatia, two of the primary locations the show was filmed in. And above all else, the most dramatic scenes are from when producer Bryan Cogman read the action lines and everyone was left open-mouthed.

Arya Stark being the badass that puts an end to the Night King received amazing feedback, with everyone congratulating her and applauding happily at her achievement.

After the table read, all of the scripts are, of course, shredded. The documentary also features Del Reid, the show’s ‘head of snow,’ spraying fake snow all over Winterfell set in Belfast, which, as mentioned earlier, is one of the most seen settings of the show.

game of thrones documentary the last watch

And if you’re wondering, yes, we do see Kit Harington’s reaction after he finds out that he will be the one who kills the Dragon Queen aka his aunt aka his former lover… want me to keep going?

game of thrones documentary the last watch

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The documentary also features the countless number of people who made possible the eight episodes of Game ot thrones.

Although some people have criticized the events of the last season, I think it is safe to say that most of us had a blast watching it and not taking it too close to the heart.


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