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Game Of Thrones Fans Get Teased With Two Stills From Series Finale Episode

Game Of Thrones Fans Get Teased With Two Stills From Series Finale Episode

As you guys may already know, Game of Thrones is coming to an end this Sunday. With 8 seasons, a whole lotta drama and deaths, blood and gore, wars and weddings, GoT is one of those series that we just can’t get enough of. And I believe I speak on behalf of the entire Game of Thrones fans when I say that it will be dearly missed. However, we still have one last episode left.

It goes without saying but, if you haven’t been keeping up with the last season, off you go. There’s no place for you here amongst spoilers.

I’d say that the last episode took us all by surprise, but how much can you really be surprised when it comes to Game of Thrones? We witnessed so. many. deaths. And the fate of some *very* crucial characters is still unknown. So, yes, as much as we are dreading that this is the last GoT episode, we still can’t wait to figure out how things will unravel.

As if the last episode wasn’t enough of a tease, HBO has released teaser pictures of the season finale. One picture displays the Mother of Dragons, facing King’s Landing, while it perishes to ashes and embers.

Would you look at that army? Dany looks like she is about to give a victory speech. And honestly, considering how the last episode went down Dany-wise, we don’t know what to expect from her anymore. Except for fire, we can see that coming.

game of thrones stills series finale

The second picture portrayed Tyrion standing in front of the rubble. He looks absolutely devastated war-wrecked and broken. No, I’m not crying…

GOT fans have already set a high bar for the finale. But apparently, the last episode didn’t meet everyone’s expectations, giving it a low Rotten Tomatoes score of 47%. And huge backlashes all over social media.

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Anywho, save the date for May 19, as the series finale will be airing that day. Let’s see if it will break its viewership record of 18.4 million people tuning in for the last episode, The Bells.


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