32 Genius Fast Food Hacks That Are Definitely Worth Knowing

Almost every human being is not able to resist the beyond wonderful fast food, right? That awesome burger and salty fries. If not every Friday or three times a week you are probably reaching for the fast food of your dreams once in a while.
There are some hacks that might make your guilty pleasure more enjoyable. Plus, some of them can show you how to save some money.
Scroll down for the list of 32 fast food hacks that are totally worth trying the next time you intend to buy some of your guilty pleasure items, courtesy of Diply.

1. Next time order your Starbucks, order in a larger cup in order to prevent leakage.


Source: Flickr | Paul Davidson

2. If you order a customized Burger at Burger King you will get a fresh-from-the-grill patty.


Source: Instagram | @burgerking

3. The best bun on the Mcdonald’s menu is undoubtedly the steamed bun on the Filet-O-Fish.

Next time ask to switch the regular with these soft and fluffy ones

Source: Instagram | @mcdonalds

4. Avoid the imbalance of the sauces by carrying your sub like this.


Source: Imgur | kansaigaidai

5. At Starbucks, ask for a Venti cup filled with water.

It is free and it will save you a few bucks that you would spend on bottled water.

Source: Instagram | @albelbeck

6. Buy McDonald’s chicken nuggets in quantities of four.

Because buying them in bulk is more expensive. Plus you’ll get more dipping sauces.


Source: Instagram | @smoke.and.miras

7. Flip back one side of your fries carton to strategically get at that ketchup.


Source: Reddit | PuffHoney

8. Ask for any of your Taco Bell favorites to be grilled a second time.

It will make them crunchier and more delicious.


Source: Instagram | @tacobell

9. Request for equal portions of chicken and steak on your Chipotle burrito.


Source: Instagram | @chipotlemexicangrill

10. Many smoothie-lovers are unaware that Jamba Juice employees are required to abide by substitution requests.

You have endless options now.

Source: Instagram | @jambajuice

11. Almost every fast food restaurant has a secret menu.

Even though these items are not official the employees will still make them for you.


Source: Instagram | @jennymarteleira

12. If you want to get fresh and hot fast food you should buy during rush times.

If you buy fast food at noon it is more likely to be fresher than the one you would buy at, let’s say, 4 PM.

Source: Instagram | @honeykimx

13. Although this McDonald’s item isn’t on the menu, there is such thing as an apple pie McFlurry.

And yes, it’s beyond delicious.


Source: #HackTheMenu

14. Here is an interesting tip. Ask for fries without salt at McDonald’s.

They will make them fresh only for you.


Source: Daily Mail

15. Did you know that you can add rice to any order at Chipotle for free?

Now you know.


Source: Instagram | @chipotlemexicangrill

16. Ask for an “old cut style” sub and they’ll cut a deep V into the bread instead of the usual horizontal slice.

So say goodbye to the leaking toppings.


17. The sleeve on a Starbucks cup can double as a handy place to store the splash stick.


Source: Reddit | disturbed_perturbed

18. Next time at McDonald’s, ask for a round egg for your sandwich instead of a folded one, it will be far fresher.


Source: Serious Eats

19. Listen up coffee addicts! Get more coffee at Starbucks by asking for light ice in your iced coffee.

Don’t worry. It will still be cold enough.


Source: Instagram | mariahslamby

20. During Monopoly season, order large tap waters in order to get free tickets.


Source: Unilad

21. Save between $2.30-$2.50 on a Big Mac by simply ordering a Double Cheeseburger or McDouble

Also, replace the ketchup and mustard with pickles, lettuce, and special sauce.


Source: Hack the Menu

22. Get more beef at Arby’s

Simply order two junior roast beef sandwiches instead of one regular roast beef sandwich. Also, do the phone-in survey that comes on your bill and you will be rewarded with a code for a free roast.


Source: Mommy’s Fabulous Finds

23. At Domino’s, save money on the Honolulu Hawaiian Pizza

Order a large three-topping pizza with pineapple, bacon, and ham instead.


Source: Eat This, Not That!

24. Next time at Burger King order an “Off the Broiler” burger in order to get a patty that hasn’t been sitting in a warming tray.


Source: Forbes

25. Instead of the Philly Cheese Steak, order the Double Steak and Cheese at Subway to get more meat for less.

Also you could order it on a flatbread so you can get a longer sandwich, as well.


Source: Savvy Buck

26. Substitute fudge for the regular syrup in the McDonald’s mocha frappe.

I can’t wait to get one.


Source: We Heart It

27. Take the customer service survey and get a code for a free donut at Krispy Kreme.

Why didn’t I know this sooner?


Source: Joe Manna

28. At Jack-In-The-Box, order two Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers off the value menu to get a less expensive version of the Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger.


Source: Serious Eats

29. Ask for a double-shot of espresso over ice at Starbucks,

And then just load up your own milk and sugar to get an iced latte for less.

Source: The Cabbages of Doom

30. Maximize your Chipotle order by ordering a burrito bowl with double wrap .

Also, both kinds of rice, types of beans, half of two meats, fajita veggies, and corn salsa. Take a look at the difference.


Source: apartment list

31. Get the Triple Layer Nachos without beans or sauce instead of the Chips and Cheese at Taco Bell

This way you will get more chips, with the cheese already poured over them and cheaper.

Source: Facebook | Taco Bell

32. Instead of creating your own smoothie from scratch, customize your drink at Jamba Juice


Source: Take A Bite Out of Boca
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