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Genius Hacks To Save The Day Around The House

Genius Hacks To Save The Day Around The House

Simplifying everyday life with genius hacks is something- if not everyone – most of us aim for! Be it a way to remove gums from carpet, a hiding-money hack, or a simple and cheap method to remove dirt from tile grout in the bathroom. If one of these has been your concern lately, then, look no further!

Life can sometimes get too complicated and today is time to make it easier, more manageable and enjoyable! Here, you’ll learn the amazing things you can do with toothpaste, liquid hand soap, and even how to hide snacks from your siblings. Now, we all need the last one, don’t we?

Join us in a journey to simplify LIFE with the ideas we have listed down below!

1. Gum removal from carpet

Gum is the worst! It’s sticky, it’s gooey, and you can’t get it off no matter what you do. But, we have got the right hack for you which doesn’t involve a hammer or chisel. Bring a zip-lock bag filled with water and let it freeze. Then, add it over the gum and let it sit for a while. You’ll be left with no gum, and with a brand new carpet!

 Gum removal from carpet

2. Turning soap into liquid hand soap

In case you prefer liquid soap more than regular soap, but don’t have some at home, then in some easy steps you can DIY it at home. You will need to shred regular soap into a bowl, add water and bring it to boil. After stirring it completely to get well incorporated, then pour into a liquid soap bottle and it’s ready to use!

Turning soap into liquid hand soap


3. Money-hiding hack

Don’t take candles around your house for granted; you never know when they might come in handy. You will definitely need them to hide your money by creating a hole at the bottom, inserting your money, and closing the hole with tape. Ta-dah! Your money is now SAFE.

Money-hiding hack

4. Snack-hiding hack

Some days, you’re just hungry all the time. And sometimes snacks are a great way to keep your energy up and stay away from unhealthy foods like fast food. But how do you disguise that snack so no one will know? That’s very easy, all you need is an empty tin can and a plastic lid inserted in the tin can lid, fill it in with snacks and cover with the lid. I bet no one will eat your beans!

 Snack-hiding hack

5. Tile grout cleaning

I’ve got some bad news for you. The grout in your tile isn’t going to stay white forever! But, we’ve got you covered with this hack. All you need is half a lemon, baking soda and some scrubbing skills.

Tile grout cleaning

We hope these are going to be your own little genius hacks and save your day! Watch more of these in the video above!


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