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Genius Kitchen Tricks To Finish Tasks Quicker

Genius Kitchen Tricks To Finish Tasks Quicker

Do you simply love spending time around the kitchen, but sometimes little things annoy you? Then, what about we dive into these genius kitchen tricks? Not only are these hacks of low-cost, but they are super easy to make!

You might think that you’ve got everything figured out, until removing a strawberry calyx becomes a problem. We all know a little about cooking and how kitchen works, but we might have missed out on the numerous creative hacks and tricks to make things work better and much quicker!

The kitchen tricks we have listed below, will make you wish you knew these sooner! Let’s get into the scroll and get creative!

1. Strawberry Calyx Removal Trick

Let us be honest, calyx removal can get messy and it causes lots of annoying moments which make you like kitchen a little less! Trying out this plastic straw hack will leave you with amazing results. All you have to do is insert the straw all the way out to the strawberry. The end product is promising!

Strawberry Calyx Removal Trick

2. Veggies Storage Hack

Staying organized is what we all aim for, but it doesn’t always go as planned! Let’s divide veggies by simply adding a cardboard piece between them into the plastic container!

Veggies Storage Hack

3. Easy Seasoning Pouring Hack

We’re so used to creating unnecessary messes while getting seasoning out of their containers. To stop doing that, insert a tape and make the seasoning all flat and nice before getting it out! Some tape can easily solve that for you.

Easy Seasoning Pouring Hack

4. Moisture Removal Trick

More often than not, moisture in dry ingredients can ruin the product and you end up buying new ones repeatedly! To prevent that from happening, try adding a pinch of salt. Salt removes excess moisture so you won’t ever have to struggle with that again!

 Moisture Removal Trick

5. Ants Removal Hack

Did you know that adding cloves to sugar works magically as ant repellANT? All you need to do is put some pieces into the container and you’ll immediately see the results!

 Ants Removal Hack

How do you guys like these genius kitchen tricks? That is not all, watch some more in the video above!

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