12+ Pictures That Visualize Coincidence In Quite A Funny And Genius Way

Photography has become a way of survival nowadays. With all the means of exposure, meaning the social media platforms, and the wide variety of photography machines, photographs have taken the world by storm – leaving us at awe at the beauty of people’s artistic souls that they share on a daily basis.

Photography comes a long way. The first ever photo was taken by a French scientist, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, with a camera obscura in the year 1826. Meanwhile, the first color photograph was taken years after, in 1861, by the British physicist James Maxwell. The first camera ever, on the other hand, that was described in history was a pinhole camera that dates back to the 4th or the 5th century. 

So, all you need to do is grab some awestruck shots is a camera and attention to details. And coincidence can be a pretty thing, especially when caught on photographs. Scroll below to see a collection of photographs of coincidence that will make you look twice, or thrice!

1. This beautiful image.

genius pictures coincidence
© ImagesOfNetwork/reddit

2. Magical? Magical.

genius pictures coincidence
© madflak/imgur

3. You ever loved water so much, you wanted to give it a hug?

© unknown author/imgur

4. Oh, hi there.

© sohailjaper/imgur

5. Parrots and their alter ego.

© recklessrodent/imgur

6. Perfect timing.

© Getits/reddit

7. Minnie Mouse is here.

© unknown author/imgur

8. This is so satisfying to watch.

© unknown author/imgur

9. Half human, half eagle.

© Mannos_Hands_of_Fate/reddit

10. Who needs a boat?

© arbili/reddit

11. The newest hairstyle in town.

© bestdayforpizza/reddit

12. You may kiss the bride.

© RagsyBoy/reddit

13. Cosplaying?

© skemp311/reddit

14. Fish have changed their living environment.

© umorist/pikabu

15. Aura.

© erto66/reddit

16. Wait. What? I had to look at this pic a gazillion times!

© Epileptic_Ebola/reddit

17. Pretty wings.

© 893514/pikabu


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