12 Genius (And Somewhat Suspect) Beauty Hacks

There isn’t much that most girls wouldn’t do to look good. Which is why we’re constantly on the prowl searching for new and improved methods of makeup application. Catching up on the latest Internet fads and trends, and, of course, reading up on the world’s greatest beauty hacks. Who’s to say whether the following tips and tricks can be considered the best the world has to offer, but they’re nothing if not useful. Just based on the ingenuity and creativity of their invention, they deserve to be shared with all of you, beauty hack enthusiasts. So, here you go: 12 pieces of advice revealed by beauty addicts from around the globe, compiled by Diply.

1. Making do

You need to apply your foundation but you don’t have enough money to splurge on a SiliSponge? No problem! Just get an old padded bra, remove the bra insert, and use that instead!


Instagram | @hudabeauty

2. Fork it up!

Who knew a fork could be an excellent tool that aids your contouring?


Instagram | @hudabeauty

3. What’s this world coming to?

One of the greatest fads of the year 2017 was fidget spinners. Apparently, they can be used to apply concealer as well…


Instagram | @jamescharles

4. Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?

Avoid smearing makeup all over your clothes by putting a bag over your face when getting dressed!


Twitter | @_evamariie

5.  Plump it!

You don’t need expensive cosmetic surgeries to make your lips seem plumper. A little bit of wasabi will help you achieve that effect, albeit temporarily.


Instagram | @farahdhukai

6. Straight out of a soap

All you need for perfect eyebrows is a bar of soap. Hey, if it’s crazy, but it works… nope, it’s still crazy…


Instagram | @anastaciabeverlyhills

7. Patience is overrated

When you don’t have time to wait for your nail polish to set, use ice-cold water to harden it in a matter of seconds.



8. Spongify!

What can you use to blend out your foundation? Hmmm, no, not a Beauty Blender… I know! How about a kitchen sponge? Yes, its soft side will work perfectly for this purpose!


Instagram | @shanu.suresh

9. You’re hired!

Tired of washing your makeup brushes? Hire someone to do it for you! Although, for $50 you could buy yourself several new sets of brushes…


Twitter | @Evettexo

10. Why make it simple when it can be complicated?

Why use a curling wand when you can use a pencil and a hair straightener? The pencil method is definitely more complex, time-consuming, and maybe even bad for your hair!


Instagram | @tani_garcha

11. Surprise, surprise!

The empty Surprise egg is the perfect container for a Blending Bud! But poor Americans! They can’t use this genius trick because these eggs are illegal in the States…


Instagram | @brieisabelcarter

12. Makeup’ll Fix It

Makeup can be used to fix your uneven hairline. With some matte eyeshadow, this lady created a whole new hairline!

Instagram | @klumsyclosett
Source: Diply