Get ‘Eyebrows To Kill For’ With These Eyebrow-Shaping Techniques

Do you feel like your brows are being possessed by Frida Kahlo’s unibrow? Or they are growing so thick as to captivate your eyes’ territory and mingle with your eyelashes? Well, it’s not that Frida’s brows aren’t fabulous as they are, but the weather it’s just a bit hawt out there to be growing a neverending thick eyebrow! P.s. Unibrows were seen as a sign portraying intelligence and beauty. (I may soon be uniting my brows together, heh!) But, today we are going in the opposite direction of unibrows.

Whether you want a more maintained brow look or are in need of some extra TLX in the arch department, we have found the perfect brow-shaping techniques. Yes, one of them is eyebrow threading, which makes an excellent, natural option for hair removal.

For more, scroll down below and see some of the best examples of eyebrow enhancement life-saving techniques:

Brows By Ash with 339k Instagram followers is here to show you how to master the best method to transform any shape of brows into full and expertly groomed arches. Acting like a mini-lasso, with twisting and pulling the thread, unwanted hair is so long gone.

eyebrow-shaping techniques

‘No pain, no gain.’ They were talking about eyebrow threading, right?

eyebrow-shaping techniques

Eyebrows, the one thing you can get into shape without exercising. Yas girl!

eyebrow-shaping techniques

For more, click that ‘play’ button:

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I could watch this all day…

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Thaila Lima with over than 3k followers on Instagram is another eyebrow guru, based in São Paulo, Brasil. Showing the color of the brown pencil…it fits perfectly for blondes!


‘The only drama I like is on my brows.’

Browaholic (14.9k followers), based in Miami, has mastered waxing, threading, and microblading techniques.


Change your brow game with Kelleybakerbrows, who has reached 634k followers on Instagram.

“Mon-slay! who’s ready to slay the day?! When life gives you Monday, dip them brows in glitter and sparkle all day.”


“I’m the person who keeps making the weird eyebrow trends.”

With 150k followers and over 1.000 posts on Instagram, SkyzEditz will not fail to amaze you with various fabulous brow ideas.

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Tell us which eyebrow trend is your favorite?

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