Getting Married Is Not The Biggest Accomplishment

Seems like a pretty ‘duh’ moment, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, if you’re in your thirties, you’d know by know that many of your friends and acquaintances would unequivocally agree with this title.

You know, they’d say that marriage is a huge accomplishment.

Well, some people would like to say: What?!

This article first appeared on The Huffington Post.

Natalie Brooke is a writer with strong and bold beliefs and her boyfriend asked her to marry him. And of course she cried with excitement. But according to her, getting married is not an accomplishment. She believes that even though getting married is amazing, it shouldn’t be at the same level with academic and professional pursuits of women.  “It’s time for society as a whole to re-evaluate what aspect of women’s lives we put the most value on,” she writes.

Newlywed couple dancing at reception

Women today are much more than housewives. They are CEOs, teachers, designers, researchers, writers, consultants and so much more. Things should not be the same as they were back in the ’50s. Women are leaving their imprint in the world and are more successful than ever. Also, women are not defined only by marriage.

According to Natalie the question that people pop the most is  ” “So, when are you getting engaged” or “How’s everything going with Craig” rather than “How’s your job going?” or “What have you been working on lately?”

She writes that she can’t really blame people for asking her those question, because she is doing the same to other women. After all how many commercials taught us about the importance of getting an engagement ring.

We can all agree that society should put more importance on other aspects of women’s lives and not just on marriage.”You don’t have to have a brain, drive or special skill set to get married. You just have to have a willing partner.” she adds.

Everyone would love to get married one day and getting married is a huge event but be just as excited when some women finally graduates or gets her PhD.

Source: huffingtonpost

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