Hey Girl! Become The Queen Of Fashion With These 12 Weird Fashion Hacks

Being a girl is not easy in this day and age. Like, there’s a bunch of fashion rules you have to keep track of, but have to be original at the same time! Ugh.

But hey, StyleCraze comes to the rescue with a bag of fashion hacks, which we were so kind to reproduce below. Fear nothing, fellow girl, because these hacks have your back! And your bum.

1. Pesky bra straps? Slap a paperclip.

2. Visible panty lines giving you… A nonperfect, normal selfie? Better shop for panties that have no noticeable edges. Expect likes!


3. That old jumper is getting all fuzzy? Grab a razor and give it a nice smooth shave.


4. Are your shoes getting stinky? Wrap a tablespoon of soda in cloth and leave it inside the shoe.



5. All those wonderful necklaces getting knotty and tangled? Here’s a hack – put them inside a straw. It will keep them straight.


6. Uh-oh, your peach-shaped butt sat on a piece of somebody’s chewing gum? Ewww. Rub the gum with an ice cube and it will peel off.



7. Did you know that you can shine jewelry with the help of ketchup? Just dab some ketchup on a cloth and polish away!



8. Tired of all that forehead makeup smearing your hat? Put a piece of sticky tape inside the hat.


9. So, your bra keeps sliding off? Use double-sided scotch tape to glue your bra to your skin or to another piece of clothing.



10. Want to make any shoes water resistant? Smear them with beeswax, then use the blow-dryer to make the wax get everywhere.


Credit: @tidy_living (Twitter)

11. If your new shoes feel tight, just stuff them with some water bags. Then freeze them for a couple of days. Voila!


12. For those rings that get discolored after a while… Just dab them with some transparent nail polish.


And you’re all done! Congratulations, girl, you’ve successfully hacked fashion!

Source: Stylecraze