Little Girl Befriends A Football Player But Has To Say Goodbye In Tears

Isn’t it strange how life can bring some people close to us in a miraculous way? It has probably happened to you that you make an incredibly strong bond with a person whom you barely know in a  matter of hours. For one little girl and a football player, this bond was full of love an happiness. The girl was a massive fan and never missed a single game. She got to meet the football player and grew very fond of him. The feeling was mutual and they formed an indescribable friendship. True friendship does not know of ages! Read about this cute story below.


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At Mississippi State, a friendship was formed in unlikely circumstances. Fifth-year senior football player Donald Gray met a little fan who supported him since she was a little baby. Jesse Sloan, a then three-year-old girl, started attending Mississippi State’s games and went on all of them throughout her young years. After every game, she was impatiently waiting to give high fives, or “five fives” as she would call it. During the 2015/16 season, one player noticed her and said she was cute. Then she received a hug from him. That was actually Donald Gray.

The toddler went out to give him a big hug and that’s how it all started. “The love I have felt from Jesse Sloan and Donald Gray’s friendship is amazing,” Jesse’s mother wrote on Facebook. “She talked about him daily, would not leave a game until she saw him”. Jesse claimed that Donald was her favorite person, whereas Donald referred to her as his “best girl”, forming a one-of-a-kind relationship.

This friendship, however, had to come to an end and they had to say their emotional goodbye.


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It was because Donald had an injury that required surgery. This brought his season and campaign to an end. They had to say goodbye.


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Jesse arrived with the most precious gift for Donald. She brought a stuffed bulldog as a graduation present they hugged tightly. Donald happily signed a shirt for her, and held her in his arms for one last time, before the two friends had to finally depart.

The Mississippi State senior said that his interactions with Jesse “changed his life”. These two made a pinky promise that they would remain best friends. Jesse’s family said that they would undoubtedly support him. “He has forever changed my family and my heart,” Jesse’s mother said. “May the tears fall, as this last chapter closes”.


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Here are some photos that prove friendships are forever.

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