A Girl Born With Large Birthmark On Her Face Got A Customized Doll That Looks Just Like Her

Every girl dreams to own a customized doll that resembles her. Instead of buying her daughter a Barbie one mother decided to do something different and buy her daughter, Charlie, a custom doll made to look just like her.

Mommy blogger Katie Crenshaw contacted a small shop owner, Kayla Baker, who makes heirloom quality dolls, and of course, she immediately agreed to make the custom doll for Charlie.

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Source: Facebook | Typical Katie

Kayla is the owner of a shop called Little Plain Jane. She designs and creates each item her shop, makes each order by hand, packages everything, and ships the dolls off to their new homes. Just before Christmas, she delivered a customized doll to the adorable Charlie, who suffers from hemangioma – a collection of small blood vessels that form a lump under the skin. This is sometimes referred to as “strawberry marks”

Charlie’s mom shared some pictures of the girl and her customized doll that also has the same birthmark. The girl looks over the moon happy.


Source: Facebook | Typical Katie

“The time and care that this shop took to make the birthmark identical to Charlie’s leaves me speechless. Charlie hasn’t put the doll down since I gave it to her and named her (all by herself): Princess Cheek,” Katie wrote in her post.

The birthmark on Charlie’s face is called a hemangioma. Most of these cases that occur at birth disappear after a few months or years.


Source: Facebook | Typical Katie

Charlie’s mother often blogs about being a mom on her site Typical Katie and is an advocate for hemangioma/PWS awareness.

“This is the most wonderful gift we could have received this Christmas. This little girl has never been happier.”

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