This Girl Posts Pictures With Her Dog And They Are The Perfect Artistic Duo

Christopher Morley said “no one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does,” well, sometimes dogs will not only appreciate the genius of the conversation, but they will also understand the very genius that lies behind your creativity, and appreciate it just the same.

Dogs are a gift, the best friends we could ever hope to have, and the loyal companions that both boost our mood as well as offer their utmost support. Honestly, even when you’re feeling down, your dog will be the one to make you play around and be joyous. They’re honestly priceless!

Seems like Instagrammer, Ursula Daphne Aitchison, has also figured out that dogs are truly one of the wonders of the world. She has a golden retriever named Hugo whom she very much loves and adores. Who’s to blame her? He is adorable! What she does is, on her Instagram profile, she posts creative photographs alongside her furry pal. The pair seems to be inseparable but their pictures are hands-down something else.

The duo dress up, sometimes in matching ensembles, and we’re at awe at how amazing, boho, and artistic everything looks. Oh, and not to forget, the bond and warmness they reflect through these images, is making us have all the feeeels! Scroll to see!

1. Angel and the devil.

girl dog duo pictures

2. Matching!

girl dog duo pictures

3. That dog looks cooler than the majority of humans I know (including me).

4. Such class and style and grace!

5. Oh, just two pals, taking the subway.

6. Do not forget to do the reading!

7. A book, a fancy drink, glasses and a whole lot of style!

8. You have to make sure you’re keeping warm.

9. Kafka and food!

10. All comfy and casual! Probably a Sunday mood.

11. Matchy-matchy!

12. Pineapple pals.

13. Turtlenecks are comfy and these two know it.

14. Hygiene!



See more on her Instagram.


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Source: Instagram / hugoandursula