Girl Tears Off Fake Eyelashes After Prom; Boyfriend’s Reaction Is The ‘Look Of Horror’

The funny moments that are captured by taking photos or videos are the best one. People who sense that something hilarious or strange is about to happen and think to take over the camera to take a shot at it, deserve an award.

The 17-year-old Amanda Zimmerman from East Brunswick, New Jersey recorded her friend Kayleigh O’Kane removing her false eyelashes right after prom in front of her boyfriend Joe Petrocelli.

Can you imagine what a boy who has no idea that fake eyelashes exist can think of when seeing you do that? They’d probably be like, ‘omg, is she crazy? She was fine just a minute before.’ This is exactly what Kayleigh’s boyfriend reaction was, he was stunned looking at her while ripping them off.

Amanda shared the post-prom video on Twitter last Saturday, and it has earned more than 66,000 retweets and 130,000 likes

She told NBC New York “Kayleigh said she was going to take off her fake eyelashes so I wanted to record her and put it on my Snapchat story,”

Continuing, “It just so happened that Joe made that face in shock of it. The timing was perfect.”

His jaw was dropping while looking at her girlfriend ripping the eyelashes off.

His reaction is priceless.

Amanda Zimmerman, 17, from East Brunswick, New Jersey, filmed her friend Kayleigh O’Kane removing her false eyelashes after prom.

After she posted the short clip on Snapchat, people told her that it ‘looked like something that would go viral’ on Twitter.

In the footage, you can see Kayleigh closing her eyes and tearing off the fake eyelashes while in the background her boyfriend is rolling eyes while giving her a suspicious look.

Amanda is not a Twitter user but despite that fact, she decided to share the footage there on Saturday, June 2. The video of the reaction slowly got people reacting to it.

In less than a week, the clip has received more than 66,000 retweets and 130,000 likes, and many people were incredibly amused by the ‘look of horror’ on Joe’s face.

Tears Off Fake Eyelashes

She is so pretty.

Tears Off Fake Eyelashes

Start of it all: After Kayleigh (R) announced she was going to take off her fake eyelashes, Amanda (L) said she was going to film it for Snapchat. She later shared the video on Twitter.

Tears Off Fake Eyelashes


Tears Off Fake Eyelashes

One of the people commented, “Naive much?” While, another one related to Kayleigh’s action tearing the eyelashes off saying, “This was literally me on prom night I’m screaming.”

“His reaction is the most charmingly heterosexual thing I’ve ever seen a straight man do,” health columnist Daniel Summers added.

Amanda told NBC New York that she thinks the video is relatable to girls who have been in similar situations, as well as guys who don’t understand the various beauty products women use when getting ready for formal events.

Source: Dailymail

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