Take A Look How This Girl Paid Her Ex-Boyfriend Back

Being in a romantic relationship in high school while attending your prom can be a perfect case scenario. If only the prom date was also your boyfriend. You could bring that prom euphoria to an even higher level.

All that preparation and the everlasting anticipation. You have probably found your perfect prom dress, bought the shoes and the accessories. Well, you probably have already planned and imagined the whole night from A to Z. Now, you are just eagerly counting the hours until the prom night.

But, wait! This is also one of the perfect moments to buy something special for your date who is also your boyfriend. What shall you buy for him? A tie? A fragrance maybe, or some cool T-shirt? Or maybe some handmade gift?
Wait not so fast… imagine the next case scenario first.

It is only a week until the big night that you are expecting so eagerly, you are all prepared. You have bought the tickets, your dreamy outfit and then your date decides to dump you!


Well, that was exactly what happened to Maria.

And her prom date wasn’t only that, but someone who she had been dating for eleven months. Almost a whole year!


Source: Twitter | @panchal_maria

Okay, pretty terrible, but now, here’s where the story gets juicy.

After he dumped her, he actually had the audacity to ask for his ticket money back. Can you believe this?


Source: Twitter | @panchal_maria

Apparently he needed to cash so he could go to a different prom!


Source: Twitter | @panchal_maria

Yes, now is the right time to get petty…


So she decided to pay him back…


Source: Twitter | @panchal_maria

And even dropped it off for him! Isn’t she kind?


Source: Twitter | @panchal_maria

How considerate!


Maria definitely has a sense of humor! Plus, you are so creative!

We are so proud of you girl. Show him what he lost!


Source: Twitter | @panchal_maria

And at the end of the day, prom is what you make of it, with a date or without!


Source: Twitter | @panchal_maria
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