Girlfriend Gets Her Boyfriend A T-Shirt With Her Face Printed On It And Twitter Is Divided

Being in a relationship has its ups and downs. And sometimes, there might be moments when you’ll even be a bit jealous. Or at times, even over-protective. Just like the girlfriend we’re about to show you below.

She has basically customized a t-shirt, by printing her face on it and gave it to her boyfriend, jokingly, as a present. Well, although she did so jokingly she has nevertheless brought forward the opinions of many Twitter users.

girlfriend t-shirt present

The woman named Holly Cockerill, apparently, wanted to keep the eyes of many women away from her boyfriend, Karl Hennan. However, she has explained the gift to be intended as nothing serious – she did so simply for a good laugh.

She posted the occurrence on Twitter and captioned it with:

Alongside the picture of herself, the t-shirt also had something written on it. It said:

If your reading this you’ve been looking at my man for too long.

And this is how Id’ be looking at you if I was here.

HI I’m Holly, his GIRLFRIEND!

Some people, however, said her behavior was ‘controlling’, saying:

IDK if this is a joke but if you’re serious you should probably look into some couple’s counselling. Lot of trust issues and controlling behaviour.

Someone else admitted this wasn’t ‘cute’, but ‘narcissistic’ instead:

This ain’t cute. its humiliating, controlling, narcissistic and if this goes on all the time then its also abusive.

“How dare he not wear it on the toilet!!!!!!!” she wrote.

She also took to Twitter, to explain how this whole thing was just a joke. She wrote:

People going mad at the fact I got my bf a top with my face on for a joke. If you think for one second I’m going make him wear it then your absolutely f*ckin right lols joke it’ll be in bin after.

Fair enough!

“It’s called having a laugh,” she said.



What do you think? Would you get one like this for your significant other (as a joke)? Let us know in the comments section below.


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