14 Things That Girls Can Totally Laugh At And Relate To

Being a woman means dealing with stuff you did not sign up for, at least for some of the time. Seriously though, sometimes life just gets hard but it’s better to laugh it out with a glass of wine and tagging your friends in memes then to complain all the time. Down below  you have 14 things that girls will definitely laugh at.

1. Getting comfortable when you have cramps

Mastering the art of yoga when you have cramps..


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2. The laughs that don’t reach your eyes

You know? The ones that fade off as you roll your eyes so hard?



3. It’s all fun and games until you see your credit card bill

Sometimes, we spoil ourselves a little too much but you just can’t help it.


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4. This world would definitely be confusing for people who don’t wear a bra

Being creative especially when you decide to wear a clean one.


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5. Can there just be a medium please?

So relatable!


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6. Be honest, you found yourself in this position

But don’t even ask us if we are on periods because things will get… complicated!


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7. Looks don’t matter

That’s why we wear it, because it’s comfortable.


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8. This fetch mirror

I wish I could give this mirror to every girl out there.


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9. Bottomless mimosas are not a good idea

Pros of brunch with the girls: day drunk, cons: day drunk!


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10. We get in this position almost every week

And you know when it’s most frustrating? Before you go out on a date.


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11. It’s called balance

For a healthy body and healthy mind.


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12. Starting off hot and then ending up like a total mess

In summer especially, remember the makeup that does magic and melts all the time?


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13. Because once you pop

It’s just unstoppable!


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14. It ends in a lot of chocolate

We’d be lying if it didn’t.


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