Only Girls Would Understand These 20 Bra Struggles

Wearing a bra is almost never comfortable, but what would men know, right? As sexy and hot as it might be, all the colors, lace, design, material and the lingerie won’t make up for all the struggles the women have with bras on a daily basis.
There are many problems and issues when it comes to bras that only the women would understand. We might have not really talked about some of them.
Here are some of the many bra struggles that women face every day, courtesy of Diply.

1. First off, bras are really expensive.

Really, some of the bra prices are outrageous. 1

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2. And when you do save some money, you have to buy a classy, boring one.

Because, you know. It lasts longer so it has to go with everything, so as nude as possible. Invisible maybe?


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3. When on sale, you have to choose from the thinly lined ones

I mean, why do they even sell them? They look like the bras for a doll or for the girls who buy their first bra.


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4. Yeah. We hear ya, big girls.


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5. Good luck finding a bra if you are thin and flat-chested

I mean this is really not fair.



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6. All the bras you own are different size

If you have to measure yourself every six months it maybe means that you are actually always wearing the wrong size.


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7. The lace bras are super sexy and fancy if you wearing nothing else

Forget wearing them with a thin T-shirt. So annoying, right?


8. Same goes for fluorescent or colorful bras.

As fun as they are, you can wear them only with some T-shirts


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9. Usually, fancy bras wear out really quickly

Ironically, the expensive bras would last for a shorter period than those you have bought in like, last century.


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10. The strapless bras battles

Constantly readjusting. Everything, but comfortable.


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11. Sports bras giving you uniboob

Comfortably soft but, nah.


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12. The lines on your body after you take off your bra.

Those moments you are probably reconsidering going bra-less. Only until the next moment.


13. They tend to lose the shape and get ruined.


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14. But really, how does the underwire always make it outside?

This is the most hurtful feelings of all.


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15. The straps are always falling apart.

After some time they become too lose fall off your shoulder every second.

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16. Is someone out there washing a bra after wearing it just once?

Admit it!


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17. Washing them is a real battle

Washing them in the washing machine, the hooks always get tangled in the other clothes and it is so annoying.


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18. You probably spent ten minutes of your life every time try to separate the bra from the other clothes.


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19. And of course, the washing machine manages to ruin the cups.

Bye, bye bra.


20. In general, wearing a bra is pretty uncomfortable.

But, still, you wouldn’t dare to go bra-less, right?


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