3 Glamorous Makeup Looks For Every Occasion

We are all familiar with makeup, in all it’s types and forms. If we don’t practice on ourselves, we have seen someone else do it, or we have had someone do it on us. Nowadays, the art of doing makeup and makeup products are everywhere, basically they have taken the world by storm and people are enjoying the hype. I mean, imagine the scenario: you wake up in the morning and immediately want to go back to sleep, however, you start doing your makeup through tired eyes and a sleepy head – and voila, perfectly-done eyebrows immediately make you feel better and you ‘wake up’. Okay, I basically described one of my mornings in the past week for the sake of making a point.

All in all, makeup has its own special power in the boost of one’s confidence, and mood. If people really love doing makeup and feel better while doing it, why not proceed? Everyone is practicing their forms of art on a daily basis. Some take to paintings, some to writing, and some choose makeup.

Amanda Kokoeva is a makeup artist who takes to Instagram quite often to share her work and makeup routines. With an amount of 702k followers and people who like what she posts, she manages to keep them entertained and inspired. Let’s scroll below and see some of the tutorials and makeup looks Amanda has to offer.

1. First Makeup Look

Amanda begins by applying primer, foundation, concealer…

glamorous makeup looks

Gets right into the process of working her magic.

Proceeding with eye makeup.

And giving us a finished look.

glamorous makeup looks

See the tutorial below for more on how she achieves this look:

2. Second Makeup Look

Following the same procedures,


An almost finished look by Amanda.

And here you have it. Eyeliner and all.

glamorous makeup looks

See below for the tutorial, and trust me, it’s quite satisfying to watch:

3. Third Makeup Look

This time she decided to opt for darker colors on her eyes.

Touches over touches over touches.

And a finished look.

glamorous makeup looks

Check the tutorial below for more information and details on how she reaches the look:

Source: Amanda_kokoeva