Glitter Butts: The 2018 Trend Taking Over Social Media

Glitter butt! YES, you read it right. Glitter butt is the newest trend as the festival season’s approaching. This trend is sweeping all over Instagram. My question here is, are you brave enough to try this look on yourself? Yeah, I don’t think so either! I mean, isn’t it a bizarre beauty trend? But guess what? We have to deal with it since that is literally anywhere on Instagram. The chances are very slim for us to just ignore it, even if you won’t be applying it on yourselves, you’ll run into glitter rears anyway.

Festivals will become one of the most frequent places where glitter butts will be shown all over the place. I wonder what the majority of pictures in festivals will be, selfies or bottom’s pictures?

After all, being “fashionable” or “unfashionable” is subjective. For people who are born in that era when getting a sports logo shaved behind their heads was considered “cool”, now with the butt glitter application being attractive, it sounds a lot like it would be people’s choice on what ‘cool’ and ‘not cool’ is.

Glitter is used in cosmetics to make the face and nails appear more shiny or sparkly. Additionally, it is used in children’s arts and crafts to color and texture items BUT that is not all. Apparently, glitter is now used to design your rear for the festival season.

It looks like the glitter companies will be winning a lot this year.


But really, if this is what’s making people comfortable then I actually encourage you to go with it. It doesn’t look that bad after all. I still wouldn’t apply it for myself but some things are not meant to look appealing on everyone. Bottom line, who am I to criticise? And, let me sing Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never.”

You thought butt glittering is the only weird trend going on? Not after watching that video. Now you have a clear idea of the strangest fashion and beauty trends. Halo Brows have become a viral sensation! Nose hair extensions!!! What? That is simply TOO MUCH. I don’t wish that on anyone, honestly. Thank you but I don’t think anyone would want their nose to feel like their nose hair is in need of a trim.

After seeing all those weird trends, now I think that butt glittering is not that strange after all.

According to Unilad: “The glitter bum was inspired by a trip to a festival in the Sahara desert, where people had sandy bums.”

“The Gypsy Shrine’s trend comes after they pushed the rather popular glitter boobs movement. At the time they were calling it their ‘glitter bootay’, with people calling for them to come to festivals all over the world.” Take a look at the Gypsy Shrine in case you are wondering how to apply glitter on your butt. They offer you a step-by-step guidance on how to do it.

Enough with the bum glitter, let’s take a look at the boobs glitter now:


Source: Unilad

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