Turn Heads Everywhere You Go With These Gorgeous Glitter Looks

If you’re looking for a way to catch people’s eyes, or you have a festival to go to (after all it is festival season), or you just want to add just a little something extra to your look, then you can never go wrong with glitter! As was seen previously with the glitter roots and geode hair trends, people love sparkly things. And Go Get Glitter, a cosmetics brand from London is here to meet all of your glitter needs. Whether you want glitter for your hair, your face, your body or some cool sparkly accessories, Go Get Glitter is here to deliver.

You can see on their Instagram page that some people have been taking it a step further and making actual glitter shirts! And I’m not talking about putting glitter on top of an ordinary shirt and putting it on, oh no. I’m talking about actually putting the glitter on your skin and going out like that. And I have to say, it looks gorgeous!

Scroll down to see some of the amazing looks people have been creating out of sparkles and glitter.

1.This fierce lady who proves you can never be too old for sparkles and glitter.


2. For when you feel your hair is looking too basic.


3. For when you want to be the rainbow in someone’s cloud.


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3. When you just want a simple but cute boost to your look.

4. This is sure to turn more than a few heads

5. Doesn’t this scream “Mermaid Princess”?

6. When you want to wear a sparkly shirt, but not just any sparkly shirt.

Source: Gogetglitter

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