12+Times Grandparents Texts Made Everyone Go LOL-ing

My grandmother always says “It’s okay to laugh with old people like me because you’ll get old one day too”. Well, thanks granny for giving me the green light. I’m one of those lucky people who happened to have a wonderful grandma, whom I often call and write, and I do my best to even visit her. But man, she’s the most adorable human being on Earth for me and always makes me laugh with her usage of words and emojis.

But considering that back in time they didn’t have smartphones like us, it’s wonderfully amazing to see her trying to become tech-savvy.

Now, if you’re keen for a good laughter, scroll down below and read some of the funniest things that these elders texted to their grandchildren:


1. This is hilarious!!!



2. Yes, Grandma is always something like this at first…




3. Grammy is trying and trying.




4. Poor grandpa…



5. Don’t you know this guy grandpa?



6. When grandpa takes everything literally, literally!



7. Isn’t this too much sharing?



#8 All Because I Said No To Bingo Night




9. Don’t be like this grandma.




10. Hahahahahah…When grandma mistakes you with google!



11. My grandma is cooler than yours.



12. Here’s how to educate grandma about pop culture

Grandparents Texts



13. Too much information in there

14. Just a small reminder!

Grandparents Texts



15. When grandma gives you the finger…

Grandparents Texts

Source: Pawnshopbluess

Do you have any such funny conversation with your grandparents that you think would make others laugh? If yes, feel free to share in the comments section below. Just for your information, we’ll be reading them!

Finally, may these funny texts be also another reason for us to visit our grandparents more often, they need us!


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