16 Graphic Tees That Aren’t As Deep As They Want To Be

In the world of casual wear, there aren’t many things that provide the comfort of a very simple, yet very popular, piece of clothing: the t-shirt. There is nothing easier: you just pop on a tee and you’re ready to face the world. And the variety is astounding! There are so many variables: different colours, different cuts and necklines, collar or no collar, loose or tight. And we love them all. Except one.

The only t-shirt that we have trouble accepting is the graphic tee. That is just a crime against fashion. Is there anything worse than a graphic tee? It’s hard to believe it, but actually, yes, there is. Graphic tees that try to be deep and meaningful. Oh, no, spare me!

Here are 16 pearls of wisdom written on t-shirts and compiled by Diply.

1. Yes, yes. You’re making a pun on John Legend’s All Of Me. But why?


Source: Urban Outfitters

2. Now that makes no sense: if that tee was stating a fact it would’ve said “Juror ran away from murderer”; if it was giving some advice, there would’ve been a comma after juror…


Source: Pinterest | Ki Garrett-West

3. When you get the inspirations for you tee quotes from a college graduation speech


Source: Forever 21

4. Oh, yes! Wordplay! Colour us not impressed.


Source: Forever 21

5. Too long, did not read.


Source: Redbubble

6. What t-shirt to wear to lose your dignity


Source: Urban Outfitters

7. Ah, who doesn’t love good old-fashioned pigeon humour? No-one actually, except cooo-cooo people…


Source: Urban Outfitters

8. Why do you name four dimensions and represent only three? Time is feeling a bit left out!


Source: Urban Outfitters

9. When you spew a bunch of gibberish and hope for the best.


Source: Imgur | ihopethisusernamewillbelongenoughsopeoplewillnoticeme

10. But any woman born in another month who still listens to My Chemical Romance should be underestimated?


Source: Reddit | aelit4

11. This is the response to the Killers’ song Are We Human Or Are We Dancers.


Source: Forever 21

12. Umm… but that t-shirt is orange…


Source: Reddit | SnoopyMCMLXVII

13. What if you’re already too cool, and becoming even more cool would overload the cool-o-metar? No-one wants to see that happen!


Source: Forever 21

14. The hol(e)y t-shirt has spoken: from now on the colour pink shall be known as ‘pnk’!


Source: Forever 21

15. When you’re vegan and everyone must know it


Source: Urban Outfitters

16. Now that’s a good shirt! It’s not trying to be deep or anything, it just likes its unhealthy snacks!


Source: Urban Outfitters
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