People Can Invent Awesome Stuff: You’ll Want These Inventions Near You

People’s creativity knows no bounds. Constantly new items are being invented with the main purpose of improving our quality of life and facilitating our day to day activities. No matter how small or insignificant these innovations may seem at first glance, no-one can deny that they work. Yes, obviously our lives wouldn’t be greatly affected by the absence of the things on this list, compiled by Diply, but since we have them at our disposal, we may as well use them. Perhaps they will save us a few precious seconds. And the ways we can put that extra time to good use are virtually endless.

1. The escalator that turns into a walkway that turns into an escalator

Apparently, these aren’t uncommon in Europe and Japan. But they’re nowhere to be found in America, the place where they would probably be most welcomed seeing as they reduce both the need for climbing stairs and for walking.


Source: Reddit

2. No candy check-outs

Yes! This is what we’ve been waiting for! No more whiny kids throwing tantrums at the mere sight of the check-out candy! Obviously, it’s far easier to remove temptation altogether rather than to teach your kids to behave decently and not to be too greedy.


Source: Reddit | KrazoaSpirit

3. The bus seat for the privileged

Half the seats in Belgium are apparently designated for the elderly, for pregnant women, and for mothers with small children. It’s a great idea to be sure, and yet somehow I doubt that someone who won’t spontaneously offer their seat to a person in need will be swayed by some drawings on the seat.


Source: Reddit | wheezy11

4. The car wash soap cannons

This is just great fun for kids and adults alike! While you are stuck waiting at the car wash, you can play with a cannon for Goodness sake! Who wouldn’t love that? And you’ll be useful at the same time since you’ll be helping the washing process.


Source: Reddit | Leon_117

5. How to park between the lines for dummies

There are countless of examples all over the Internet of people who can’t park in a single spot, and some clever chap has come up with a genius idea! These lines painted on the barristers in front will make sure you know exactly where your car is in relation to the lines on the ground. Not to mention they come really handy when the ground is covered with snow.


Source: Reddit | ebflaherty

6. The parent-and-baby swing

Who said that parents aren’t allowed to have fun while in the playground with their kids? With this super smart swing, both the child and the adult-sized child can have a great time. Besides, the parent won’t have to stand there for hours pushing the swing – this is much more comfortable.


Source: Reddit | Bearat

7. Car seats that solve tall people’s problems

If you’re really tall and you’ve experienced the pain of having to seat in the backseat of a car, I’m sure you will be able to appreciate the awesomeness of these car seats. They have indentations specially designed to fit your knees! No longer will you have to live in fear of being too slow to call shotgun.


Source: Reddit | murphofly

8. The triple-tap sink

This is a wonderful idea for public bathrooms where you’re loathe to touch anything. The left-hand faucet is for soap, the middle for water, and the right-hand one is a blow dryer. How cool is that? They even come in the correct order. Except for lefties, it’s a reverse order for them…


Source: Reddit | msmomona

9. The mustache cup

Gentlemen, your glorious mustache will be kept perfectly safe by the mustache guard on this cup. Never again shall your ‘stache be tainted by coffee or tea! Again, tough luck for the lefties…


Source: Reddit | jimbobbillybob_

10. The bike-parking park bench

This bench has slots where you can park your bike, and while it’s not an optimal location for actually locking it up there, it will do just fine for a short water or bathroom break. Is that why it’s called a park bench? Cause you can use it to park your bike? No? Never mind.


Source: Reddit | Monsterpiece42

11. Properly labelled brownies

Imagine the horror of going to the store to buy brownies and then you get a corner piece when you wanted a middle one! Ew! Luckily, that problem has been solved by the simple means of using labels. Red means center, green is corner, blue is edge piece. And then there is, of course, the mysterious purple label, whose meaning remains unknown to this day.


Source: Reddit | longboarder116

12. Small parts sorted and packaged separately

When you’re going through the hell of figuring out how to put together a piece of furniture without resorting to the goddamn manual (cause you’re hardcore like that), the last thing you need is all the small parts to be jumbled all together! But when they come packaged like this and labelled neatly, the construction process becomes altogether more pleasant.


Source: Reddit | Village71

13. Safe spots for meeting strangers off the Internet

When you make an online purchase and you need to meet up with the seller, you could be putting yourself in grave danger. That is why these video monitored locations are such a great option to conduct a meeting with a complete stranger while feeling completely safe.


Source: Reddit | queen0fmars

14. The short story dispenser

Who doesn’t hate waiting? No matter how short a time we have to kill, we always need to be entertained. And our phones don’t have limitless batteries yet, so this short story dispenser will have to do. It provides the person who waits (the waiter?) with some free reading material, which can last one, three, or five minutes. Wait, wait, wait! One minute? What kind of story can you tell in one minute? And how hard is it to spend one minute doing nothing?


Source: Reddit | KirbyCookie

15. The see-through highlighter

Highlighting the important bits in your textbook has never been easier than with this see-through highlighter! But what does it matter what kind of marker you use, when you know you’re going to end up highlighting the entire text in the entire book?


Source: Reddit | chillin_krillin

16. Braille labels on the phone base ports

It’s always nice when manufacturers think of disabled people while designing their products. However, in this case is it really necessary to have the Braille labels? I mean, all the ports are different by touch anyway…


Source: Reddit | Arthur_Dent_42_121
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