Cross-Dressing Groom Wears Identical Wedding Gown As His Bride

To some, marriage is considered to be the most important part of life. While, for others, marriage is just a part of the life, not necessarily the most important. Whether you fall into the first or the second group of people, we can all agree that marriage brings you quite some feels you haven’t really had before (unless you’re not getting married for the first time.)

Along with two people getting married comes the planning of a wedding. And, truth be told, that really takes some patience there and some ups and downs, nevertheless, it is all worth it by the end. I mean, hey, you’re getting to marry the one you love… Isn’t that enough?

We’re here today to show you some visuals of this couple whose idea was to exchange their vows with the groom and the bride wearing the same wedding dress.

Ian Newman, 53, from East Dulwich – south London and Emma Sparre-Newman met at a festival two years ago. It didn’t take long, and by this, I mean until the second date, when Ian Newman showed to Emma his interest on cross-dressing. It was at that time that Emma embraced Ian’s desire on cross-dressing and Ian knew then that Emma is the one.

So yeah, exactly what you are thinking. Emma walked down the aisle and had Ian waiting at the altar wearing the same bridal gown.

Emma admitted that Ian has been dressed “almost exclusively in women’s clothing” over the last two years. She also claimed that seeing Ian wearing jeans or t-shirts would be “odd.”

Emma added:

So when we discussed marriage, I expected that we would both wear a dress.

But we have very different ideas about style so I didn’t imagine we’d ever wear the same outfit.

I’m not precious about it, it’s a dress and actually it’s our wedding, it’s not mine.

The Newman couple didn’t, in fact, plan to get married – however, when in Las Vegas for holidays the unavoided question came up.

It was one evening when the couple was talking on the phone when they decided to tie the knot. And, of course, the family and friends flew out to witness the “I dos.”

groom wears the same wedding dress as bride

The wedding couldn’t be missed by Ian’s daughter, Kate who, in fact, applied Ian’s makeup before the ceremony started.

groom wears the same wedding dress as bride

Ian always wanted to wear a new gown on their wedding day so the Newman couple went dress shopping. Ian and Emma, of course, checked whether the store manager was comfortable with Ian tying on wedding dresses.

When Ian and Emma were at the fittings, Ian had added additional padding as Emma’s waist was taken in. Other than that, the gowns were identical.

Emma, who works as a communications manager added:

Actually now I’m really glad we did wear the same dress as I think it worked well.

Emma admitted the couple wanted to keep it relaxed and instead of buying a gown, Emma’s wish was to wear a dress she owned.

She added:

But my friend was trying to persuade me to go shopping, and when I said no, Ian admitted that he did want a proper wedding dress.

Everyone found it hilarious that he was more keen to go dress shopping than I was.

On daily basis, the 53-year-old opts for black kilt and t-shirts when out and about. Nevertheless, anytime he’s home, Ian finds himself comfortable wearing dresses and high heels.

Emma admitted that she wasn’t very much fond of weddings as she didn’t want to stress herself out. However, she did admit it was fun trying dresses.

It was actually the manager who suggested that Ian should try on the dress that I had already chosen.

It didn’t bother me at all and as soon as he tried it on, I knew it was the dress for him, he looked amazing.

On the other hand, this is what Ian had to say:

My wedding day was fantastic. I felt utterly wonderful.

I imagine as wonderful as any bride does when they get dressed up. You just feel a million dollars.

We wish the newlyweds a happy life together!


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Source: Dailymail